The History of China

Chris Stewart

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A journey through the 5000 years of history documented by one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations. For all the episodes for free, as well as additional content, please subscribe and/or visit .

38:55 | Feb 6th

Khubilai Khan has led a pretty blessed existence as of the year 1279. But fate has a way of balancing things out in starkly brutal fashion... Time Period Covered: ~1279-1287 CE Major Historical Fi...Show More

37:03 | Jan 21st

Khubilai Khan is a man astride multiple worlds - trying to be both the Khan of the Great Mongol Nation, and the Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. This will take quite a bit of accommodation, and between Mo...Show More
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48:22 | Jan 3rd

Jochi was tasked with subduing the Cuman tribes of the western steppes. Jochi failed. Now, under the second Great Khan Ögedei, it was fall to his successor, Batu, Khan of the Golden Horde, to finish w...Show More

43:34 | Dec 21st, 2019

It's finally time to give holiday thanks and - of course - submit myself before the high inquisitors pelting me with questions day and night! Topics this year ranged far and wide: 1. How wide-rangin...Show More

40:44 | Dec 8th, 2019

While his armies have been keeping busy in every direction on both offense and defense, Emperor Khubilai had been hard at work re-organizing the mess his family made in China and reformatting it into ...Show More
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