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40:46 | Mar 20th

On this episode Lyle interviews his daughter Gwendolyn about the social software she uses in High School-iMessage, Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok. And they play with Lyle's new RodeCASTER Pro.

1:08:05 | Feb 21st

Ben and Lyle chat about elevators, the fear of dropping things, Podcasting, how we experience thoughts, drawing, learning, music, meditation, Time Tracking, Theme:Focus, Memory and being Present.
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1:09:41 | Jan 6th

What does it mean to implement "hailing a cab" in software and how does this new translation stack up to the existing institution? Discussions based around "The Software Arts: Chapter 2", "Translation...Show More

39:49 | Oct 24th, 2019

This episode kicks off a limited series of discussions with Warren Sack centered around his book The Software Arts, MIT Press, forward by John Rajchman The Software Arts offers an alternative history ...Show More

1:35:32 | Aug 27th, 2019

MicroLEDs, Google Chrome Extensions are more private, macOS is locking things down, Expanse and other shows we are watching, and a post show covering wonderfully geeky PostGraphile.
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