Infinity Machine (

Sally's job as UN Space Commissioner gets quite interesting when a ship full of time-displaced people is discovered in the Atlantic. This also enables Sally to lead an all important peace mission to Baltan. The cold war with Baltan is finally showi...Show More

40:44 | Dec 8th, 2013

On Baltan, Sally is confronted with news of new construction on New Ontario.  A Russian spy drone delivered images of a massive pyramid shaped structure being built over one of the Masters' palaces an...Show More

gasstationb recommended:

Interesting sci-fi tale of exploring new civilizations while rebuilding one’s own; for fans of Nathan Lowell’s ‘Golden Clipper’ series or Be...Show More

41:28 | Mar 27th, 2014

In this final episode I read from reviews and correspondence about the show.  I also announce the winner of the drawing for the original manuscript, and finally I will present two sample chapters from...Show More
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1:01:41 | Jan 20th, 2014

The Benefactor and his people finally clash with each other and with the former Brethren.  The culmination of the battal will have implications for eternity.

47:48 | Jan 20th, 2014

The war between 5186a and the Benefactor grows hot when the Benefactor discovers that she knows enough about him to become a threat.  They clash while he is distracted with problems from his own peopl...Show More

41:52 | Jan 19th, 2014

Sally and Diego meet up with the others as all flee from the former Brethren's encampment.  Something big is beginning, but Sally still doesn't know what it is.  Bass and Mueltee part company, however...Show More
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