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Sally's job as UN Space Commissioner gets quite interesting when a ship full of time-displaced people is discovered in the Atlantic. This also enables Sally to lead an all important peace mission to Baltan. The cold war with Baltan is finally showi...Show More
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Episode 01 News of an Old Enemy

40:44 | Dec 8th, 2013

On Baltan, Sally is confronted with news of new construction on New Ontario.  A Russian spy drone delivered images of a massive pyramid shaped structure being built over one of the Masters' palaces and somebody on the planet wants to talk peace with ...Show More
Episode 15 Show Wrapup

41:28 | Mar 27th, 2014

In this final episode I read from reviews and correspondence about the show.  I also announce the winner of the drawing for the original manuscript, and finally I will present two sample chapters from Window in the Sky.
Episode 14 Alignment

1:01:41 | Jan 20th, 2014

The Benefactor and his people finally clash with each other and with the former Brethren.  The culmination of the battal will have implications for eternity.
Episode 13 The Choice

47:48 | Jan 20th, 2014

The war between 5186a and the Benefactor grows hot when the Benefactor discovers that she knows enough about him to become a threat.  They clash while he is distracted with problems from his own people, but 5186a is in a position to make things so mu...Show More
Episode 12 The Dilema and the Prophet

41:52 | Jan 19th, 2014

Sally and Diego meet up with the others as all flee from the former Brethren's encampment.  Something big is beginning, but Sally still doesn't know what it is.  Bass and Mueltee part company, however, and Bass's weapon may have something to do with ...Show More
Episode 11 The Dark Horizon

47:42 | Jan 19th, 2014

The Benefactor's conversation with Sally takes an unusual turn when she discovers his true motives for helping the former Brethren.  She also begins to notice something on the horizon of time that the Benefactor can't seem to see.  And, while this is...Show More
Episode 10 Point of View

39:12 | Jan 19th, 2014

Sally and the Benefactor meet in a realm higher than reality, and he must grant her the ability to see it before they can truly speak.  Meanwhile, Ian discovers much of Bass's true identity.
Episode 09 The Prisoner and the Great Magician

37:58 | Jan 19th, 2014

Sally meets an unexpected familiar face on New Ontario while Diego and Ian make a shocking discovery.  Apparently, Bass was concealing an extremely dangerous weapon in his belongings that could change everything.  And now it is time for Sally to meet...Show More
Episode 08 The War and its Progress

42:42 | Jan 19th, 2014

Sally and her party make contact with 5186a, a former slave of the Masters, who now leads a growing revolt against them.  The mysterious Benefactor, however, is not providing them with sophisticated weapons for their cause, though he is teaching her ...Show More
Episode 07 Stranded in a Dangerous Landscape

32:04 | Jan 19th, 2014

The landing on New Ontario proves to be full of surprises, as the ships appear to dissolve on impact with the ground.  And, as the team makes plans to meet their new contacts, the Szzzyyyxx crew members appear dangerously attracted to a powerful elec...Show More
Episode 06 Manners and Responsibility

35:53 | Jan 17th, 2014

On their way to New Ontario, Sally discovers that Bass's folly has endangered their mission, while at the same time Diego's eccentricities have proven amazingly useful.
Episode 05 The Outbound Journey

37:56 | Jan 17th, 2014

Sally and her crew begin their journey to New Ontario in a Szzzyyyxx ship, but questions still emerge concerning Ian's strange crew member.  They also speak to their unknown contact on New Ontario, who apparently has no name.
Episode 04 Mother

57:55 | Jan 17th, 2014

The trip to the center of the domain was almost as interesting as meeting Mother herself.  It is a meeting that goes beyond the physical, and one where Sally must make an embarrasing request.  But Will the Mother of the Szzzyyxx be willing to help th...Show More
Episode 03 The Domain

37:53 | Jan 17th, 2014

Sally had been looking forward to meeting the Szzzyyyxx, but actually seeing them is quite another matter.  She also meets Bass, a member of Ian's crew, who has dubious value and a hidden agenda.  And soon she will meet the leader of all Szzzyyyxx.
Episode 02 New Friends Across the Darkness

48:24 | Jan 17th, 2014

While discussing her upcomming mission with Jackie, Sally meets Diego, a stranger who is vaguely familiear.  He also has a means for them to meet up with Ian near a fold that nobody knows about.  The creatures that live beyond it are amazing in every...Show More