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94 - Tequila Chamber of Commerce & The Birth of the Frozen Margarita

13:12 | Jun 12th, 2018

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The Agave Goddess with 200 breasts; jimadors stripping lethal thorny leaves off agaves; farmers battling cambio climatico (climate change); distillers contemplating mono-culture production and the ...Show More


mm recommended:Oct 8th, 2019

Just went to the town of Tequila so it was fun to hear about the making of tequila when the agave plant farms are still fresh in my memory. Interesting fact: because of climate change causing hotter weather, agaves are maturing at a much shorter timeframe than before. It used to take a plant 8-10 ye...Show More

mmOct 8th, 2019

Thanks for the recommendation @cesarm! Enjoyed it as it was timely.

mmOct 19th, 2019

@jesus_dvl This is the one about tequila.