Pop Fashion

Kaarin Vembar and Lisa Rowan

Former vintage store owner Lisa Rowan and fashion stylist Kaarin Vembar discuss fashion news, pop culture, and questions about business and creativity.

40:01 | Nov 28th

Gucci is investing in ...call centers? Women are buying themselves something special at the holidays, Nike will stop selling on Amazon, and everyone's losing their mind over pants. Italian police discovered a sweatshop, and clothing rental may not be...Show More

35:06 | Nov 21st

This week - Kylie Jenner is $600 million richer after selling part of her company to Coty, gift certificates for Barneys will be honored at a Philadelphia store and Brooks Brothers may have changes on the horizon. An Italian sweatshop may be linked t...Show More
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49:31 | Nov 15th

Art Peck is out of a job at Gap and Zac Posen closed his business. Virgil Abloh is back at work, researchers have developed a shirt that foils facial recognition programs, and we've got a fashion crime about an allegedly stolen $40 million diamond. A...Show More

36:46 | Nov 7th

Alexander Wang has a new talk series and it's set in a weird place. H&M's CEO has feels about consumer shaming. Nike promised not to take Arctic shipping routes. Amazon was selling clothes from factories deemed too dangerous by other retailers. Ferra...Show More

36:40 | Oct 31st

We've got more details in the downfall of Forever 21. LVMH wants to buy Tiffany & Co., there's a wacky fashion crime from inside a Sephora order, the NCAA is going to let college athletes get paid for their likeness, and Swatch and Calvin Klein are b...Show More
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