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Learn a Language

The Actual Fluency Podcast for Language Learners

Kris Broholm

Join Kris on the Actual Fluency Podcast as he sets out to inspire, motivate and teach you how to learn foreign languages languages the best way. In the process he is joined by some of best language learners and experts in the world, who chip in with...Show More

1:07:08 | Oct 7th

Ekaterina Matveeva comes on the show to talk about her amazing polyglot story, as well as the concept of the language alter ego and cultural personalities. We also share notes on what happens to the personality and identity of an individual as one go...Show More

43:29 | Oct 1st

On this episode, I chat to French teacher Lea Tiralarc, who's taught over 5000 lessons on italki about her experiences as a teacher and a learner. We also talk about her method (The Staircase) and how to make teaching languages your career. Show Link...Show More
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1:15:46 | Sep 20th

On this episode I chat to entrepreneur, blogger and author Scott Young about his experiences learning 4 languages in a single year (without speaking any English) and his new book Ultralearning: Accelerate Your Career, Master Hard Skills and Outsmart ...Show More

52:36 | Aug 31st

On this episode I chat to Lingvist founder Mait Müntel, who was part of the Higgs-Boson discovery team at CERN.  His big passion is furthering human learning using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the power of spaced repetition. Show Li...Show More

1:04:33 | Aug 9th

On this episode I chat to Jonty Yamisha, who took it upon himself to learn his heritage language of Circassian as an adult.  He shares a lot of great stories about his family, and practical tips and advice for how he managed to learn a language with ...Show More
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