The Secrets of Mathematics

Oxford University

A series of talks and lectures from Oxford Mathematicians exploring the power and beauty of their subject. These talks would appeal to anyone interested in mathematics and its ever-growing range of applications from medicine to economics and beyond....Show More

44:49 | Jan 16th

Carlo Rovelli delivers The Roger Penrose Lecture on the Quantum structure of Spacetime. In developing the mathematical description of quantum spacetime, Loop Quantum Gravity stumbled upon a curious ma...Show More

55:31 | Dec 19th, 2019

From the unfairness of voting on TV shows to how Santa gets down so many narrow chimneys. Chris Budd take a mathematical look at the traditions of Christmas. Oxford Mathematics Public Lectures are gen...Show More
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44:08 | Dec 2nd, 2019

Via guitars, clarinets and a musical saw to the noise reduction in a vaccum cleaner, Jon Chapman explains the role of waves in the sounds we hear and don't hear. Jon Chapman is Professor of Mathematic...Show More

52:53 | Dec 2nd, 2019

Our latest student lecture is the first in the Quantum Theory course for second year students. Fernando Alday reflects on the breakdown of the deterministic world and describes some of the experiments...Show More

1:28:31 | Nov 27th, 2019

In our Oxford Mathematics London Public Lecture Tim Gowers uses the principle of generalization to show how mathematics progresses in its relentless pursuit of problems. After the lecture in a fascina...Show More
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