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152: Hollywood’s First Weight Loss Surgery: Molly O’Day (Make Me Over, Episode 1)

34:19 | Jan 21st

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At the age of 18, actress Molly O’Day’s career showed great promise — the only thing holding her back was a bit of pubescent pudge. When diets failed, she became the guinea pig of Hollywood's first hi...Show More


tedk49 recommended:Nov 17th

I agree. Superb episode with a note of sadness about the long history of body shaming.

mm recommended:Nov 15th

Hollywood and society shaming a young 18 year old actress on her weight to point where she had to get weight loss surgery. So sad :(

I thought this episode was:

😢 Moving
💔 Heart-breaking
😲 Shocking

rmmiller364 recommended:Nov 8th

Oh my god, oh my god, this poor kid. The abuse she suffered from the motion picture studios and the movie magazines is so difficult to listen to. Harangued about her weight from all sides (and she was definitely not “dangerously” overweight), Molly O’Day got a dangerous experimental surgery to slice...Show More

I thought this episode was:

😱 Horrifying
💡 Educational
😲 Shocking
🕵️‍ Well-researched
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