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Criminal lawyer Michael Spratt and legal expert Emilie Taman discusses the intersection of the courts, the law and policy. What our government does affects you. And check out our The Staircase and Making a Murderer after show series. Michael is...Show More

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Ottawa Police Trial and Special Guest Emily O'Brien

58:12 | Feb 8th

Now you can join The Docket’s Discord chatroom. We recorded this episode before a live Discord audience and it was a blast. Join the Discord channel, join the chat, and listen to live recordings with this link: This epis...Show More

Cabinet Shuffle Comes For Justice

47:44 | Jan 29th

So episode 84 - a new record.  But you know that right? Because you subscribe to the show on iTunes and have already rated and reviewed the podcast - right? You should. Hey look we have a sponsor! Let the podcast money start rolling in! But seriou...Show More

Victim Fine Surcharge

58:19 | Dec 17th, 2018

So episode 83 - a new record.  But you know that right? Because you subscribe to the show on iTunes and have already rated and reviewed the podcast - right? You should. Now you can join The Docket’s Discord chatroom. We recorded this episode befor...Show More

The Best Fictional Lawyer, Criminology Research, and HIV Policy

1:05:33 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Hey look we have a sponsor! Let the podcast money start rolling in! But seriously a huge thanks to Emond Publishing! And now you can join The Docket’s Discord chatroom. What I hope will be a community of legal/political nerds and Docket fans. Ask ...Show More

Twitter lawsuit, Scheer lunacy, and Pro Bono Ontario

58:28 | Nov 19th, 2018

So episode 81 - a new record.  But you know that right? Because you subscribe to the show on iTunes and have already rated and reviewed the podcast - right? You should. And now you can join The Docket’s Discord chatroom. What I hope will be a comm...Show More

Bradley Barton and Brett Kavanaugh

1:14:14 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Finally a new episode! Sorry Sorry Sorry. We have been slammed at home and at work. Almost three weeks ago we sat down with Peter Sankoff and Dino Bottos the night before they headed to the Supreme Court to argue the appeal of Barton v. The Queen...Show More

The Staircase Aftershow - Chapter 8: The Verdict

42:03 | Oct 1st, 2018

In Chapter 8: The Verdict we get our hearts broken. But before that we talk about closing arguments and the tips and tricks of the trade. Side note: what does the T in Pure-T-Filth stand for anyway. And then the verdict. Waiting for the verdic...Show More

Notwithstanding Doug Ford

1:03:11 | Sep 12th, 2018

In late July, after not campaigning on the issue and in the middle of Toronto’s municipal election, Doug Ford and his Conservative government introduced Bill 5, also known as the Better Local Government Act, 2018. Bill 5 radically altered Toronto’...Show More

Is the defence of extreme intoxication in sexual-assault cases back?

1:00:46 | Sep 5th, 2018

Is the defence of extreme intoxication in sexual-assault cases back?  The headlines were attention grabbing after a Toronto Judge ruled that section 33.1 of the Criminal Code, which limited the defence of extreme intoxication in all assault cases,...Show More

The Staircase Aftershow - Chapter 7: The Blow Poke Returns

52:52 | Aug 27th, 2018

In Chapter 7: The Blow Poke Returns the defence makes its toughest call - will Michael Peterson testify. Calling the accused to the stand is one of the biggest decision in any trial. This week we break down the tactical considerations when calling de...Show More

The Staircase Aftershow - Chapter 6: The Prosecution's Revenge

45:59 | Aug 16th, 2018

In Chapter 6: The Prosecution's Revenge the prosecution puts its case to the jury - complete with prejudicial "gay sex" and a speculative similar fact application implicating Peterson in the 1980s death of his friend Elizabeth Ratliff.  Peterson's...Show More

The Staircase Aftershow - Chapter 5: A Weak Case

43:49 | Aug 2nd, 2018

In Chapter 5: A Weak Case we finally get to the good stuff - the trial. Michael Peterson's lawyer David Rudolf dismantles the prosecutions case and the defence calls into question the integrity of the evidence - a fact that impacts the validity of an...Show More

The Staircase Aftershow - Special Guest: David Rudolf

43:00 | Jul 25th, 2018

This episode we have a special guest - the man himself - criminal defence legend - David Rudolf.  David Rudolf stopped by The Docket to talk to us about defending one of the most high profile cases in modern history. We picked Rudolf's brain about...Show More

The Staircase Aftershow - Chapter 4: A Prosecution Trickery

52:53 | Jul 17th, 2018

In Chapter 4: A Prosecution Trickery the Peterson defence team receives a fax (and yes faxes are still a thing) of the prosecution's autopsy report on Elizabeth Ratliff. And surprise surprise the State's pathologist not only determined that the death...Show More

The Staircase Aftershow - Chapter 3: A Striking Coincidence

42:19 | Jul 4th, 2018

In Chapter 3: A Striking Coincidence we look at some breaking news - there was another staircase death! The prosecution sets the stage for a similar fact application. What is similar fact, when is it admissible, and would this fly in Canada? Spoiler ...Show More

The Staircase Aftershow - Chapter 2: Secrets and Lies

57:42 | Jun 27th, 2018

In Chapter 2: Secrets and Lies we look at the role bad character evidence can play in a trial. In Peterson's case the prosecution made the most tenuous of links between Peterson's sexuality and a motive to commit murder. The prosecution's theory was ...Show More

The Staircase Aftershow - Chapter 1: Crime or Accident

45:45 | Jun 19th, 2018

It is like deja vu all over again as The Docket Podcast returns to an episode-by-episode examination of a real life crime docu-series.  Only this time its all about The Staircase instead of Making A Murderer. In December 2001, novelist Michael Pet...Show More

Minimum Sentences with Senator Kim Pate

1:04:33 | Jun 11th, 2018

This episode we open with a discussion of an important op-ed written by Amanda Byrd. Byrd, a law student, spent hundreds of hours preparing for a moot court. When she got there, she was told to smile more. Courtroom demeanour is important but critics...Show More

Omnibus Legislation and Supreme Court Embargoes

52:05 | May 29th, 2018

We tried to keep it short this week. We failed. But who could blame us - I mean we were talking about Budget implementation bills. More than a year ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood in the House of Commons and spoke some truths about omnibu...Show More

Hockey Licks and A Broken Extradition System

1:05:15 | May 10th, 2018

Is it a criminal offence to lick an opponent during a hockey game? After Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand licked Tampa Bay Lightning's Ryan Callahan during a play off game this is a burning issue. So, Emilie and I dive into the law around consent ...Show More

Bold Justice Reform?

1:16:36 | Apr 3rd, 2018

This episode we are joined by good friend of the podcast (TM) Peter Sankoff to take a deep dive into Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould's new BOLD justice bill. The legislation, Bill C-75, was billed as a silver bullet to unclog our courts and bri...Show More

Tina Fontaine, Arresting Journalists, and Fishy Crime Stats

59:06 | Mar 23rd, 2018

So episode 73 - a new record.  But you know that right? Because you subscribe to the show on iTunes and have already rated and reviewed the podcast - right? You should. Hey look we have a sponsor! Let the podcast money start rolling in! But seriou...Show More

Gerald Stanley, Colten Boushie, and Justice

1:07:26 | Feb 12th, 2018

Not a fun episode this week. On Friday Gerald Stanley was acquitted of murdering Colten Boushie. People are often acquitted of serious crimes but this case was different. Boushie was a young indigenous man. Stanley was a white farmer. Boushie's fr...Show More

#MeToo and the Law

1:14:57 | Feb 5th, 2018

This episode we look at two high profile murder case in Toronto. First, the case Berry and Honey Sherman who Toronto police now say were murdered.  Berry's cousin Kerry Winter says he definitely did not do it - except his denial may raise more questi...Show More

The Docket's Year year end Extravaganza

1:14:08 | Jan 2nd, 2018

Fresh off our #Clawbies2017 award we had a New Year party and invited all of our friends! Emilie and I kick of 2018 with a call in show - with predictions, resolutions, and admissions from past Docket guests: Louise Arbour, Senator Kim Pate, Makin...Show More

No Warrant, No Text Messages

1:13:34 | Dec 12th, 2017

Emilie and I take a depot dive into two new Supreme Court of Canada cases about text messages. In a majority decision, authored by Chief Justice McLachlin, the Court ruled that individuals have a privacy interest in the text messages they send - even...Show More

Who is that new Supreme Court Judge?

57:44 | Nov 30th, 2017

A special guest! Ian Bushfield - the Executive Director of the @BCHumanist, @bccla board member, and the left half of @PolitiCoastPod - returns to talk about the Supreme Court.  But we start with the important stuff - a deep dive into the red hot ...Show More

A Renowned Lawyer

59:08 | Nov 25th, 2017

Cannabis legislation is being debated on Parliament Hill. One MP called me a renowned lawyer and one MP said marijuana was as dangerous as fentanyl. At lest one of those MP is batshit crazy. Yes, Peter Kent claimed that by legalizing marijuana we mig...Show More

You Are Tearing Me Apart Lisa!

1:16:05 | Nov 13th, 2017

Hey look we have a sponsor! Let the podcast money start rolling in! But seriously a huge thanks to Emond Publishing. And holy hell this was a good episode. We kick off the episode looking at the recent litigation in Toronto involving the best wors...Show More

Sexual Assault Myths and Ontario's New Bail Policy

58:27 | Nov 3rd, 2017

The conversation about the justice system and sexual assaults has become a polarizing topic. But it should not be. It is possible to believe and support victims without throwing away the fundamental principles of our justice system. But it is a hard ...Show More

Drunk Canoeing and other Stupid laws, Who is the best judge ever, and R. v Suter: with "friend" of the podcasT Peter Sankoff

1:17:59 | Oct 11th, 2017

Good friend of the podcast Peter Sankoff makes a triumphant return to the podcast studio. Peter was in town making arguments before the Supreme Court  of Canada in the very interesting case of R. v. Suter. You will want to follow this case - vigil...Show More

Opioids and Harm Prevention with Leila Attar

42:39 | Sep 27th, 2017

Its true. Canada has a drug problem but it is a problem of policy. The war on drugs has failed and the results are laid bare in our court, hospitals, and morgues. People are dying. This is not new only recently has the general public finally starting...Show More

Marijuana legalization and Back to School Advice

55:56 | Sep 14th, 2017

Its back to school and we offer our advice to new law students - but it really applies to just about every one.  The short version - don't be a dick. But before we tell you how to succeed in school we break down the Liberals' marijuana legislation...Show More

Trinity Western University and the Supreme Court

1:03:14 | Aug 8th, 2017

This episode we are joined by Ian Bishfield - Executive Director of the @BCHumanist, @bccla board member, and the left half of @PolitiCoastPod.  First we nerd out about British Columbia politics and then we talk about the strange case of Trinity W...Show More

Erin O'Toole on Omar Khadr

57:48 | Aug 4th, 2017

First thing first.  Go back and listed to episode 59 for your Omar Khadr primer.   Conservative member of parliament Erin O'Toole was one person who listened and he had some stuff to say about the episode.  So we invited him on the podcast to disc...Show More

Omar Khadr

1:24:01 | Jul 17th, 2017

Before we jump into the heavy stuff lets look at something fun.   Brendan Richmond's Canadian comedy song "Out For a Rip" went viral in 2013 raking up over 12 million views, but this Canada Day he was shocked to find his trademarked catchphrase on...Show More

Supreme Court Speculation and Senate Report on Court Delays

1:15:14 | Jul 4th, 2017

Last month, after 28 years on the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin announced her retirement. She was first appointed to the court by Brian Mulroney in 1989 - when we were still in grade school. McLachlin also holds the record as the...Show More

Remanding the Victim

1:09:31 | Jun 8th, 2017

This week the CBC's Janice Johnston shed light on a horrifying courtroom injustice - the victim on a brutal sexual assault was remanded into custody because she had difficulty answering questions. The victim was a vulnerable indigenous woman. She had...Show More

JJJ: Juries, Judgements, and Jails

53:16 | Jun 2nd, 2017

Do we really want to know how the sausage is made? This week we take a look at juries. We trust 12 non-legal experts to pass judgement on the most serious criminal charges. But we have no idea who they are, they don't explain their decisions, and its...Show More

Pot Politics

1:22:10 | Apr 18th, 2017

Emilie Taman returns!  This week we talk about the Liberal government's new marijuana legislation. But it is not just pot that gets a legislative makeover.  The government has adopted the contents of an old Conservative bill that will radically chan...Show More

Politicians playing politics with Justice

1:08:02 | Mar 2nd, 2017

With Emilie on campaign trial award winning blogger and friend of the podcast Anne-Marie McElroy jumps into the void. We chat about the ill-informed political push to eliminate the preliminary hearing to speed up trials. Then Emilie stops by to con...Show More

The Future of Canada

1:20:21 | Feb 13th, 2017

A very Special episode this week. The awesome Emilie Taman is running for the NDP in the soon-to-be announced federal by-election in Ottawa-Vanier. Emilie will be a fantastic member of parliament. Lets start with the obvious: she is super smart, har...Show More

Live From OttawaU: Plea Bargains - A deal with the Devil?

1:24:55 | Jan 11th, 2017

To open 2017 we recorded our first episode in front of a live studio audience at the University of Ottawa and its all about plea bargains. Plea bargains have turned into a bit of a dirty word. The public is often concerned about what can be perceive...Show More

Renu Mandhane: Ontario's chief human rights commissioner

59:30 | Dec 8th, 2016

This week we sat down with Renu Mandhane - the Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission to talk about... well.... human rights. Renu Mundane and the Human Rights Commission have been a leading voice against the deeply troubling prac...Show More

The Government in your Bedroom

49:13 | Nov 29th, 2016

Today we talk about the CSIS data spying and lying to the court, the RCMP's power grab, and anal intercourse... yep the government in your bedroom. The Federal Court slammed CSIS for retaining massive amount of information secretly obtained from peo...Show More

A New Judge, Racist Police, and Solitary Confinement

1:08:13 | Nov 3rd, 2016

Canada has a new Supreme Court judge - his name is Malcolm Rowe and he seems pretty adorable. He is also an old white guy and his appointment was not without some controversy. The Liberal government has talked about a new era of transparency in the a...Show More

New Houses, Strange Cases, and Victim Fines

1:04:49 | Oct 24th, 2016

It has been a long time. Let's catch up: a new house, a new job, a day at Parliament Hill - oh and we put together too much IKEA furnature. No better time to discuss two strange local cases: an accused who seems to literally shit gold and the micro...Show More

Vader Verdict, Cameras in Court, and Zombie Laws

1:09:05 | Sep 19th, 2016

On September 15, 2016 an Alberta judge found Travis Vader guilty of the second degree murder of retired couple Lyle and Marie MaCann. Then the internet blew up - at least the legal corner that I live in. The verdict was televised - a controversial ...Show More

Desmond Cole: Police Accountability and Abdirahman Abdi

1:12:28 | Sep 1st, 2016

Desmond Cole! The man needs no introduction - journalist, social activist, and civil rights crusader. Desmond Cole, author of the Toronto Life cover story “The Skin I’m In” about police discrimination against black men, won the National Magazine...Show More

Senator Baker Returns

1:10:36 | Aug 29th, 2016

Senator Baker returns to talk about the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs' interim report: Delaying Justice is Denying Justice: An urgent need to address lengthy court delays in Canada. There is a problem with delays in t...Show More

Beat the Buzzer: Supreme Court, Terrorism, Police Accountability, and Breaking Making a Murderer News

55:04 | Aug 13th, 2016

There was so much to talk about we imposed time allocation - 10 minutes per topic. Breaking Making a Murderer news - a Wisconsin appeal court has just ordered a new trial in the Brendan Dassey case. Check out the full decision here and stay tuned fo...Show More

Pokémon Go and Speedy Trials

1:00:07 | Jul 20th, 2016

Pokémon! Yes - there is a way to talk about Pokémon Go! on a legal podcast. Its not just click bate. Emilie and I also talk about our West Wing rewatch and minimum minimum jail sentences. We hate mandatory minimums and it turns out so did the Ba...Show More

Penile Swabs, Cyber Bullying, Trinity Western, and Ezekiel Stephan

1:01:34 | Jul 4th, 2016

This week Emilie and sift through the legal and political news of the day and discuss a few topics: Penile Swabs, Cyber Bullying, Trinity Western, and the Ezekiel Stephan sentencing. The Supreme Court of Canada found that police have the power (wit...Show More

Dean Strang

55:43 | Jun 27th, 2016

This week Emilie and I jumped back into Marking A Murderer and gave one of Steven Avery's lawyers Dean Strang a call. Of course we chat about the Netflix documentary but we also talk about Dean and Jerry Buting's speaking tour, women in the legal p...Show More

Kim Pate

1:13:20 | Jun 17th, 2016

This week Emilie and I sat down for a chat about jail and justice with Kim Pate. Kim is the executive director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies. She is was named a Member of the Order of Canada for her work on behalf of women wh...Show More

Making a Murderer Road Trip

20:32 | Jun 12th, 2016

A bit of a short but special episode this week. I was invited to moderate to Toronto stop of Dean Strang and Jerry Buting's speaking tour - A Conversation on Justice. Ya - that Stang and Buting - from the super popular Nexflix Documentary Making A M...Show More

The Last Two Weeks and Medical Assistance in Dying

1:02:19 | Jun 7th, 2016

This week Emilie and I catch up on the last two weeks. She was in China and I kept the kids alive. I also wrote an open letter to Ottawa's Chief of Police about some shocking behaviour by the local cops and then wrote about issues I had with a repor...Show More

Animal Justice with Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

42:13 | May 13th, 2016

This week Emilie and I were joined by Liberal MP for Beaches—East York Nathaniel Erskine-Smith to talk about his private members bill designed to reform some of Canada's animal cruelty laws. Of course we also could not resist talking about marijuan...Show More

A Miscarriage of Justice, The Necessities of Life, and Peter MacKay

55:02 | May 9th, 2016

This week Emilie and I dive into two cases and then take aim at former Justice Minister Peter MacKay. First After almost two and a half years in jail Connie Oakes is a free woman. Last month the Alberta Court of Appeal over turned Oakes' conviction...Show More

Duffy Not Guilty!

1:18:45 | Apr 29th, 2016

This week Emilie and I almost made it through the whole Duffy decisions - almost. Spoiler alert - Mike Duffy was found not guilty of all charges last week. The decision was long, and a bit confusing, and really long. So we dragged back peter Sankof...Show More

Louise Arbour on the United Nations Special Assembly Drugs

36:32 | Apr 25th, 2016

This week Emilie and I phoned it in - we called former Supreme Court Judge and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour to talk about last weeks United Nations General Assembly Special session on the drug problem. Canada will legalize mar...Show More

Supervised Injection Sites and The Latest Supreme Court Decision

1:16:37 | Apr 18th, 2016

This week we talked with Rob Boyd director of the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre's Oasis program. The Sandy Hill Community Health Centre provides medical and social services for people living with HIV and/or hepatitis C, and who encounter barrie...Show More

Shower Jails and Blushing Over Privacy

1:02:31 | Apr 4th, 2016

What the hell is happening at the Dickensian hell scape otherwise known at the Ottawa Jail? Prisoners locked in the shower, women inmates spending 22 hours in solitary because the is no room anywhere else, oh and a guy died there too. Seriously it i...Show More

Rap, Bail, and Power

52:53 | Mar 24th, 2016

This week we talk about the prejudicial impact of admitting rap lyrics in court. It seems to happen too often in Canada. Why? Check out Windsor law professor David Tanovich's paper: R v Campbell: Rethinking the Admissibility of Rap Lyrics in Crim...Show More

Women in Criminal Law, Jail Conditions, and More Pot

1:05:34 | Mar 12th, 2016

Michael Spratt and Emilie Taman feed your brain and discuss the most burning political and legal issues. This week: dive into the unique issues that woman face in practicing criminal law, lament the correctional investigators report on Canada's depl...Show More

The Docket: Pot, Sex, and Open Ice Holes

1:10:33 | Mar 1st, 2016

This week: Drugs, Sex, and Ice Holes. There are lots of questions about the Liberal government's position on pot. Yes we know - they are going to get to work legalizing it 'right away' - but right away may be longer than you think. And what happens ...Show More

Making A Murderer After Show - Episode 10

50:01 | Feb 22nd, 2016

Ottawa lawyers Michael Spratt and Emilie Taman discuss Netflix super popular docu-series Making a Murderer one episode at a time. So, this is the end for now - Making a Murderer Season 2 anyone? Steven Avery may have found a new girlfriend but he h...Show More

The Docket: Making A Murderer After Show - Episode 9

1:19:25 | Feb 15th, 2016

Ottawa lawyers Michael Spratt and Emilie Taman discuss Netflix super popular docu-series Making a Murderer one episode at a time. In episode 9 the focus of Making a Murderer shifts from Steven Avery to Brendan Dassey. The lawyers are different, the ...Show More

The Docket: Making A Murderer After Show - Episode 8

1:16:05 | Feb 12th, 2016

Ottawa lawyers Michael Spratt and Emilie Taman and special guest Carissima Mathen discuss Netflix super popular docu-series Making a Murderer one episode at a time. So, Episode 8 is where Steven Avery is acquitted and all charges against Brandon are ...Show More

The Docket: Making a Murderer After Show - Episode 7

1:00:32 | Feb 7th, 2016

Ottawa lawyers Michael Spratt and Emilie Taman discuss Netflix super popular docu-series Making a Murderer one episode at a time. Keys, Blood, and EDTA - Oh my! As Steven Avery's trial draws to a close the defence team points a spotlight on the pol...Show More

The Docket: Making a Murderer After Show - Special Guest Scott Fairgrieve

59:11 | Feb 4th, 2016

Ottawa lawyers Michael Spratt and Emilie Taman and special guest former Supreme Court judge and UN high commissioner Louise Arbour discuss Netflix super popular docu-series Making a Murderer one episode at a time. Canadian content! This episode we ...Show More

The Docket: Making a Murderer After Show - Episode 6

1:16:45 | Feb 1st, 2016

This week we were joined by Tony Spears and Matt Day to debrief on Making A Murderer Episode 6. Matt and Tony are both awesome reporters who have worked the court and crime beat in Ottawa. It turns out it was a great episode to have Tony and Matt dr...Show More

The Docket: Making a Murderer After Show - Bonus Episode - Jerry Buting Interview

45:17 | Jan 26th, 2016

This week - Bonus time - we skipped watching an episode today and decided to talk to Jerry Buting. Ya, the guy who the internet made into a Simpsons character - he was also one-half of Steven Avery's defence team. In other words a fearless, passio...Show More

The Docket: Making a Murderer After Show - Episode 5

54:28 | Jan 24th, 2016

Alright! It’s time to sit back and talk about Episode 5 of Netflix's super popular docu-series Marking a Murderer. This week we are again joined by special guest, former Supreme Court of Canada judge and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise A...Show More

The Docket: Making a Murderer After Show - Episode 4

1:02:54 | Jan 22nd, 2016

An unexpected confession casts doubt on Steven's role in the murder case, but the new suspect gives conflicting accounts of what occurred - oh and we are introduced to one of the worst criminal defence lawyers ever - Len Kachinsky. Kachinsky speaks ...Show More

The Docket: Making a Murderer After Show - Episode 3

1:03:22 | Jan 17th, 2016

Things seemed to be going Steven Avery's way until they weren't. After 18 years in jail Avery's case was the driving force behind much need justice reform, the State was going to introducing a bill to compensate him for his wrongful conviction, and ...Show More

The Docket: Making A Murderer After Show - Episode 2

53:13 | Jan 14th, 2016

Just as things seem to be going his way, Avery finds himself at the centre of yet another criminal investigation in which he adamantly maintains his innocence. We’ll explore how the investigation was flawed from the start; how it’s clear that notwit...Show More

The Docket: Making A Murderer After Show - Episode 1

47:29 | Jan 11th, 2016

Episode One of Making a Murderer tells the story of Steven Avery’s wrongful conviction for the brutal 1985 sexual assault of Penny Beernsten. An incontrovertible miscarriage of justice, Avery’s conviction led to his incarceration for 18 years before...Show More

The Docket - Episode 16: In the news and in the courts: violence against women

41:47 | Jan 9th, 2016

Michael Spratt, Naomi Sayers, and Anne-Marie McElroy talk about the reporting of sexual assaults and violence against woman, the push to change the rules in court, and Netflix's Making a Murderer

The Docket - Episode 15: Star Wars and the Law with Gib Van Ert

1:00:24 | Dec 22nd, 2015

This week I sat down with Gib Van Ert executive legal officer of the Supreme Court to talk about Star Wars and the law. In truth it is mostly just us geeking our about Star Wars: The Force Awakens - make it so.

The Docket - Episode 14: Peter Sankoff on the Duffy Trial

47:26:23 | Nov 11th, 2015

With the Duffy Trial set to resume this month there is no better time to chat with criminal law professor and Duffy expert Peter Sankoff. Will Duffy testify? Will he win? What can we learn from the who cluster-duff? We almost get to the bottom of it...Show More

The Docket - Episode 13: Mark Bourrie

50:25 | Aug 7th, 2015

This week Leo Russomanno and Michael Spratt talk with Mark Bourrie, author of the best selling book Kill the Messengers: Stephen Harper’s Assault on Your Right to Know.

The Docket - Episode 12: Carding

58:18 | Jul 31st, 2015

Carding has been described by Toronto Mayor John Tory as an "illegitimate" and "disrespectful". The issue in Ottawa has been met with shameful silence.

The Docket - Episode 11: Lee Chapelle

50:35 | Apr 14th, 2015

This week Leo and I sat down with Lee Chapelle. Lee served 22 years in prison. He beat the odds and despite the deplorable state of our prison system he turned his life around. Today Lee helps offenders reintegrate into society and provides assist...Show More

The Docket - Episode 10: Tony Spears

32:35 | Mar 8th, 2015

Courthouses are unpredictable work places but Tony Spears seems to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. From murders to 'willy wager' Tony Spears has seen it all.

The Docket - Episode 9: Justin Ling and Terrorism

49:59 | Jan 31st, 2015

Vice's parliamentary report Justin Ling drops by to discuss life on the Hill and the Conservatives' new terrorism legislation - Bill C-51