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29:26 | Aug 29th, 2017

Al Letson was just trying to cover a demonstration – an anti-hate rally in Berkeley. When he saw a group of balaclava-clad men descend on an apparent right-wing agitator, he jumped into the fray, usin...Show More

kiranapoleon recommended:

Loved hearing Andrea Silenzi bring Whaboom onto The Gist. Also, shout out to Rose Buddies! 😊

29:37 | Feb 12th

On the Gist, the little ones. In the interview, Mike talks to sociologist and medical anthropologist Katherine Rowland about her new book, The Pleasure Gap: American Women and the Unfinished Sexual Re...Show More
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34:47 | Feb 11th

On the Gist, talking is hard. In the interview, Maria Konnikova is back for her usual game of “Is That Bullshit?” Today she and Mike tackle essential oils, talking through the history of using essenti...Show More

33:36 | Feb 8th

On the Gist, Central Casting strikes again. In the interview, comedian Moshe Kasher is here to talk about his new comedy album Crowdsurfing. He and Mike discuss the difference between crowd work and p...Show More

29:10 | Feb 7th

On the Gist, we went through hell. In the interview, Mike talks with linguist Dennis Baron about his new What's Your Pronoun?: Beyond He and She. The two analyze the history of English language pronou...Show More
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