Money For the Rest of Us

J. David Stein | A personal finance show on money, investing, the economy, retirement, and wealth. The world explained like on NPR: Planet Money, Freakonomics Radio, This American Life, Radiolab from WNYC, and Tim Ferriss

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A personal finance show on money, how it works, how to invest it and how to live without worrying about it. J. David Stein is a former Chief Investment Strategist and money manager. For close to two decades, he has been teaching individuals and insti...Show More

26:09 | Nov 20th

Two Money For the Rest of Us podcast listeners are struggling with spending money. The first listener is 22 and lives in Canada. He feels as if his money is going everywhere such as saving for a house, car, and retirement, but very little goes to thi...Show More

28:30 | Nov 13th

How regulatory changes could lead to a boom in new ETFs, including actively managed ETFs. Why ETFs continue to be one of the most innovative, cost effective and tax efficient investment vehicles. Topic covered include:How big is the ETF market relat...Show More
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25:08 | Nov 6th

How to find your unique work that can bring satisfaction and income before and during the traditional retirement years. Topics discussed in this episode include:What is settled work.Why you need time and space to find and do your best work.What is a...Show More

27:45 | Oct 30th

Is it possible to be too diversified and how can you tell? Why Warren Buffet thinks diversification is protection against ignorance. Topics covered include:The skills you need to be able to select individual stocks.How have active managers outperfor...Show More

33:05 | Oct 25th

David's book Money for the Rest of Us: 10 Questions to Master Successful Investing is now available (at least the e-book version). To celebrate, here is a bonus episode with excerpts from the forthcoming audiobook. Please enjoy the Introduction and ...Show More
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