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52:49 | Feb 14th

"I don't care about networking...and load balancing." There's a lot of new concepts and stuff to learn when it comes to developing applications that will run on kubernetes. In this episode, Coté talk...Show More

1:17:45 | Feb 8th

With a new CEO and president at IBM, we talk about what’s been going on good and bad at IBM in recent years. Big bets were made and that whole cloud things overshadowed things. We also talk about the ...Show More
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1:02:13 | Jan 31st

How do we fix Privacy? How do you compete with AWS? Is the iPad a hit product? We discuss all this and Matt Ray teaches us how to decouple applications from the operating system. Plus, we offer more a...Show More

58:20 | Jan 24th

Coté proposes that there’s three types of apps to pay attention to in enterprises. Or something like that. Also, he has a magical method for doing digital transformation: actually do it. We open up di...Show More

1:02:26 | Jan 18th

This week the title says it all. There’s also some more bread talk. Mood board: “I love the talk about bread, can I get some stickers.” Do they have markdown in Intranets now? Kicking to fit use c...Show More
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