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Michael Gungor, Science Mike, William Matthews, and Hillary McBride host a culture-shaping, genre-bending conversation about the most relevant (or bizarre) topics facing people today.

42:57 | Feb 13th

Many of us feel like something is wrong with us if we are single. Some times we don't feel loved or feel unlovable. But what does it mean to be "single?" And what does it mean to be "loved?" Those...Show More

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Truth: "society overvalues romantic love and undervalues all other kinds of love." Eye-opening episode about the societal judgments of being...Show More

1:25:20 | Feb 22nd, 2018

What does it mean to be an Evangelical today? We talk with Matthew Vines from The Reformation Project as well as author/speaker Jen Hatmaker about Evangelicalism in 2018.
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49:56 | Feb 20th

Scapegoating is a common human response to difficult situations. We have a tendency to point to another group of people as the source of our world's woes. But is the solution simply saying "they" are ...Show More

46:33 | Feb 6th

Feeling shame and guilt when our beliefs change can be overwhelming. Our relationships with family, friends, and partners can seem to pivot solely on a shared understanding of what we believe. When ou...Show More

37:13 | Jan 30th

History is literally a story we tell ourselves about what happened in the past. The way we tell that story is usually influenced by the people who have cultural and political power. We heard from so m...Show More
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