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Does Single = Unlovable?

42:57 | Feb 13th

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Many of us feel like something is wrong with us if we are single. Some times we don't feel loved or feel unlovable. But what does it mean to be "single?" And what does it mean to be "loved?" Those...Show More


aliceko recommended:Feb 16th

Truth: "society overvalues romantic love and undervalues all other kinds of love." Eye-opening episode about the societal judgments of being 'single'. The concept of being single is just that - an imaginary concept built within a patriarchal system. The grass is not always greener: married people an...Show More

sjlinquist recommended:Feb 16th

I cried through this episode probably more than any past Liturgists episode 💛 It brought up so many things in me and was so healing. I really love being single and this episode reminded me of that truth.

alicekoFeb 16th

@sjlinquist What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing this and being vulnerable. This episode unpacked a lot of societal pressures and this topic is so important for all people to hear.


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