Scott Johnson

Hosted by Scott Johnson, this is a twice-weekly look at the latest gaming headlines and commentary from around the games industry. Out every Monday and Thursday! Occasional interviews and other goodies await those brave enough to subscribe!

54:00 | Jun 17th

Cadence of Hyrule! Dauntless! Gamepass on PC! City of Brass! Outer Wilds. Farcry New Dawn. Guess my game and more!

1:55:00 | Jun 11th

Like we do every year, here's Patrick and Scott summing it all up on the roundup episode! Thus ending our E3 commentary for 2019!
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1:25:00 | Jun 11th

Time for Scott Jon and Patrick to get all up in E3 Square Enix 2019. It's a mixed bag, but you'll have to listen to find out why.

1:25:00 | Jun 10th

Join Scott Brian Dunaway and Patrick as they take in all that Ubisoft has to offer at E3 2019.
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