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1:06:00 | Mar 23rd

We go deep into Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal! Spoiler, we love them both. Roundguard is also very good. Pokemon Quest is not. Guess Our Games, some talk about the Analogue devices, a...Show More

1:05:00 | Mar 16th

Ori and The Will of the Wisps is amazing. Avernum 2 is ugly and fun. Warzone is pretty damned good. Blazing Beaks is blazing. Super Mario Party is fun for the Games that did not age wel...Show More
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1:00:00 | Mar 9th

Bloody Rally Show is pretty fun. Overlanders is also fun...when you're driving. No Man's Sky continues to deliver. Darq is pretty dark. Mad Age is pretty cheap. Amiibos are now part of Brian's life. G...Show More

1:03:00 | Mar 3rd

Scott likes Conglomerate 451 just fine. Beyond Extinct needs some more time in the oven. Farm Together is still pretty chill. Indivisible is cool and on Gamepass. Kingdom Hearts III is on Brian's hard...Show More

1:11:00 | Feb 25th

Township is weird and scott is playing it. Scott also reviews that new controller he picked up. Undermine is still his go to game these last couple weeks. Brian has some Gylt. He talks to a banana in ...Show More
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