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A series about what it's really like to start a business.

40:28 | Oct 18th

As acquisition talks with Spotify continue, Alex and Matt face their hopes and fears about what might lie ahead.

33:31 | Oct 4th

It's the spring of 2018, four years after Alex and Matt launched Gimlet, and things are not going well. Audiences are flat, ad sales are flagging, and the company is burning through cash at an alarming rate. And with all of those pressures, Alex and ...Show More
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02:12 | Sep 27th

Five years ago, StartUp began chronicling the life of a fledgling Brooklyn-based podcasting company called Gimlet Media. This year, the streaming giant Spotify bought that company. In the final season of StartUp, what it's really like to sell a busin...Show More

43:16 | Feb 15th

Gimlet has a new show called Without Fail where Alex talks to all kinds of people — including entrepreneurs and business people — about their successes and their failures and what they’ve learned from both.We think these conversations are ones that S...Show More

28:29 | Jun 8th, 2018

In our final episode of the series, Arlan is on a roll. She’s making new investments, raising her profile in the VC world, and bringing new people into her network. Some of her founders tell us why they really wanted investment from Backstage. And Ar...Show More
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