Introducing: Nice White Parents

06:00 | Jul 23rd

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We have a new show! Here’s a sneak peek of Nice White Parents, a new limited series about building a better school system, and what gets in the way. Coming July 30 from Serial Productions, brought to ...Show More


mm recommended:Jul 25th

Congrats to the Serial team for their acquisition by NYTimes! And "Nice White Parents" sound very interesting. Trailer was superb.

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💪 Inspirational

rmmiller364 recommended:Jul 23rd

Wow! Big news! Just wondering what you all think of this? I’m excited because I’d really like Serial Productions to produce more things and the New York Times has been putting out some amazing podcasts recently (Caliphate, Rabbit Hole, Jungle Prince, the Daily).

I thought this episode was:

😲 Fascinating

dannyJul 23rd

Woah! I've always loved Sarah as a storyteller, so will definitely give it a shot. And good point, I didn't realize how good the recent stuff from NY Times was until you listed them out.

rmmiller364Jul 23rd

@danny and this new “Nice White Parents” podcast sounds really interesting as well!

rmmiller364Jul 23rd

Also, I forgot to put 1619 on my list of amazing NY Times podcasts!

epekilisJul 23rd

@rmmiller364 I heard another podcast a while back about busing. The net net was that while busing was implemented, the South had the most integrated school systems in the US, while the white parents in the supposedly less racist north east vigorously blocked school integration in their own neighbou...Show More

rmmiller364Jul 23rd

@epekilis not surprised by that at all!

mmJul 25th

@rmmiller364 I'm really happy for the Serial team to get the financial return they did not just for their great work, but also for their pivotal work in breaking out the podcast industry. NYT is a terrific home for Serial. Looking forward to hearing what they'll be rolling out!

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