Meet the Queen of Kiwi: the 96-Year-Old Woman Who Transformed America’s Produce Aisle

44:22 | Dec 17th, 2019

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The produce section of most American supermarkets in the 1950s was minimal to a fault, with only a few dozen fruits and vegetables to choose from: perhaps one kind of apple, one kind of lettuce, a yel...Show More


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2 amazing innovators

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epekilis recommended:Sep 1st

A terrific episode about the business of food. A mother/daughter team is responsible for bringing to the mass market a wide range of now common produce, ranging from kiwis and guavas to blood oranges, root ginger and enoki mushrooms by applying clever marketing techniques. I agree with @rmmiller36...Show More

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rmmiller364Sep 2nd

@epekilis agreed about their achievements! This is an amazing mother/daughter pair who accomplished so much. I just wish the podcast had used slightly different language to talk about their accomplishments.

rmmiller364 recommended:Aug 23rd

It’s the 1950s and not a single new fruit has been introduced to US markets in 90 years (since the introduction of the banana). Meet the woman who took the unmarketable Chinese gooseberry and turned it into the kiwi we all know and love. She went on to singlehandedly transform the US produce aisle, ...Show More

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