The Angelos and Barry Show

Angelos Epithemiou and Barry from Watford

Angelos Epithemiou and Barry from Watford are together on their award winning podcast, discussing current events, past events, other things and things we haven't thought of yet.

37:42 | Aug 26th, 2019

Angelos and Barry chat about bar fights with the Pope, NASA, Facebook, and Angelos actually channels a dead bloke called Roger that was killed by one of the Kray twins! 23rd Jan 2015 Produced by Paul...Show More

38:15 | Aug 23rd, 2019

The lads are a little somber this podcast after unfortunately not winning any deserved Oscars but never fear boys and girls, it was a very eventful trip! Barry also debuts his new spanking machine and...Show More
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41:29 | Aug 21st, 2019

Two shine shine, it's the Angelos and Barry podcast show! Raising awareness for the "Sitting on a Beach" campaign to end the plight of buggered up pipes. Don't ever say we don't support charity, or we...Show More

40:58 | Sep 26th, 2018

Barry from Watford and Angelos Epithemiou are back again for another belting podcast! Angelos talks about his new business venture, his vivid dreams, financial advice and while Barry chats about his e...Show More

32:15 | Sep 4th, 2018

Angelos and Barry are back from their hugely successful Edinburgh run. Here they talk about Barry's job offer as a newsreader and Angelos's return to the world of plastic surgery. More
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