A Scientist Walks Into A Bar

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This show presents recordings of talks given by scientists at events held in bars and theaters in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. Featuring experts on topics ranging from the Neuroscience of Pleasure and Love to Forensic Anthropology, th...Show More

1:08:36 | Dec 6th, 2016

This episode is a recording of the talk "You and Your Racist Brain: The Neuroscience of Prejudice" with Dr. Larry Sherman, a neuroscientist from OHSU. In this talk, Dr. Sherman explains how our brains...Show More

cesarm recommended:

Great topic. This podcast also has a visual component so it is a great listen/watch for a commute. There is other episodes in the feed that ...Show More

52:41 | Jan 30th

In this special episode we interview Robert Frank, economist and author of the new book "Under the Influence: Putting Peer Pressure to Work." He talks about using social and economic theories to encou...Show More
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58:38 | Jan 6th

Conserving and restoring forests can help fight climate change in two ways: cutting down forests is the second largest source of CO2 emissions (after fossil fuels), and because healthy forests can abs...Show More

1:02:41 | Dec 10th, 2019

You need lots of things to produce a good wine, such as favorable weather and a skilled winemaker. But before anything else, you have to start with good dirt. In this episode, geologist Dr. Scott Burn...Show More

57:42 | Nov 19th, 2019

What do poop transplants, human donuts, and ecosystems have in common? Listen as Dr. Andrea McBeth, co-founder and CEO of Flora Medicine, talks all about all the microbes in a healthy human gut, and a...Show More
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