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Creative Pep Talk

Andy J. Pizza

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Creative Pep Talk helps you build a thriving creative career!!! Each week, host Andy J. Pizza serves up monologs and interviews chocked to the brim with creative performance hacks and fresh marketing tactics. Time to fill up your tank with a genero...Show More


44:27 | Jul 22nd

“Great art sells itself.” This is a common trope in the creative world. It’s the idea that merit and quality are the reason some things take off and others don’t. In this episode we dismantle this m...Show More

2:12:15 | Jul 15th

There’s nothing worse for a creative than feeling like you’re off your path. Do you know that feeling of being ungrounded, untethered and unable to find the pulse of your work? How do you get back on ...Show More
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1:01:27 | Jul 8th

If you are looking for a boost of creative community in these isolated times: LISTEN TO THIS NOW!!! This episode gave me some serious feelings and I can not wait for you to hear it!! This episode is ...Show More

1:28:56 | Jun 24th

DRAPLIN IS ON THE SHOW!! This man is one of my biggest inspirations and heroes and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED to share this big chat I had with him. I don’t think this podcast would exist without thi...Show More

1:17:48 | Jun 17th

You wouldn’t get very far as a basketball player, if you played by the rules of soccer. Can you imagine? Trying to play without touching the ball with your hands? It’d be ridiculous! Actually impossib...Show More
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