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Asma Khan: My life in five dishes

25:49 | Jan 9th

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When Asma Khan was born it was said her mother cried, but not tears of joy. As a second daughter born in 1960s India, Asma felt she was a disappointment, even a burden, because she could not inherit a...Show More


aliceko recommended:Feb 1st

"You don't have to sell your body - you can sell food." If that doesn't give you chills, I don't know what will. Incredible story that takes you through a whole series of emotions: sadness, hope, inspiration, HUNGER, support. Asma Khan, you are now on my list of role models. Her story of being sha...Show More

alicekoFeb 1st

@serena So touching

serenaFeb 3rd

@aliceko my fave part is that she created the first ever restaurant inside of a refugee camp! Who would have thought of it? But it's truly a win-win idea: it creates employment (which gives these people a sense of dignity purpose), allows these women to earn an income (thereby empowering them financ...Show More

mm recommended:Jan 28th

This is such a lovely episode about food, a longing for home, and woman power 💪 Asma Khan, one of popular restaurant Darjeeling Express, talks about her birth in the face of patriarchy, her drive to win, and how she filled her soul and others stomachs and hearts with knowledge of her culture thr...Show More

danny recommended:Jan 28th

She talks about food with such love that it's contagious. Craving some good home cooking atm.

epekilis recommended:Jan 28th

I just want to curl up under a cozy afghan with a mug of tea and listen to this woman talk. I remembered 2 young men in my Food Writing class at George Brown who had to take it because they needed an elective but spent the whole team sneering at food writing because it’s not “real news”. They are ...Show More

alicekoJan 28th

@epekilis This sounds amazing! I can’t wait to listen.

mmaranJan 28th

@epekilis I love food writing, but I've only ever listened to one food centric podcast. I'll have to give this a listen!

mmJan 28th

@epekilis Loved this so episode much 💖 Thanks for the recommendation. I'm so sorry to hear about the men in your Food Writing class. I hope they came around at the end. Your class sounds incredible. I would take it in a heartbeat. There's so much to food and the storytelling of food that's beyond ...Show More

epekilisJan 28th

@mm Thanks for the recommendation. I have tried Sporkful before and it didn’t click for me. I’ll give it another listen. I used to listen avidly to a couple of food podcasts. Then I started finding so many other podcasts that they just got crowded off my player. I found this one recently and it...Show More

mmJan 29th

@epekilis I listen to the Sporkful by episode or others’ recommendations only, so this one really stood out as a great one, especially if you’re into food and writing. Here’s my “Food” list if you’re curious: Excited to see yours! Also, I wonder if ...Show More

epekilisJan 29th

@mm Your food list is great! Lots of cross-over but lots of new ones as well. Can’t wait to get started. I loved, loved, loved Home Cooked. For me it was completely aspirational. Fantastic Canadian story-telling. Home Cooked makes me want to figure out how to start my own podcast. I laughed whe...Show More

mmJan 30th

@epekilis WHAT?!? A free six course dinner prepared in front of you by one of the top chefs in the country?!? Wowowow. That sounds incredible. Reminds me of this also free art/food event I went to that was hosted literally outside on the street side of Vancouver’s Chinatown. An artist worked with ...Show More

alicekoFeb 1st

@serena I think you will like this one

alicekoFeb 1st

@epekilis @mm I just listened to this podcast episode and I MELTED. I felt all the emotions: sadness, hope, inspiration, HUNGER! My mouth was salivating as Asma described her dishes... there is so much history, story, and meaning behind food and the work that goes behind it. I never understand non-f...Show More

mmFeb 1st

@aliceko @epekilis You should listen to @danny describe this episode in person. He did that at the last podcast club we hosted and it made us all hangry.

epekilisFeb 1st

@mm Next time I am in Vancouver . . .

serenaFeb 3rd

@aliceko thanks for the heads up! @mm which organization was behind this dinner you attended?

mmFeb 3rd

@serena It was an art installation by Henry Tsang called "Riot Food Here". Photos and more here:

serenaFeb 4th

@mm thank you!