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Do children in two-parent families do better?

24:06 | Aug 8th, 2019

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In 1965 a report from within the US government noted that the number of children born outside marriage, and the number of divorces, in the parts of the American population were rising rapidly. It argu...Show More


adam_p recommended:Aug 10th, 2019

REAL family values FTW

alicekoAug 10th, 2019

@pannndemonium I have a few single parent friends and I’m very interested in this topic. Thank you!

adam_pAug 10th, 2019

@aliceko You bet, hope they find it enlightening. I'm both a child of divorce (lived with single and/or remarried parents) and a single father. Although I believe I am a reflective and caring dad it's easy to worry. My rocky childhood left me prone to romantise the 'Leave It To Beaver' two parent h...Show More

alicekoAug 12th, 2019

@pannndemonium REALLY fascinating episode. I was shocked at the stats from the first two experts. I wonder what kind of sample they pulled. There are obviously other factors that weren’t discussed. Also, SO impressed with the Danish government and how they support mothers who desire to be a single p...Show More

adam_pAug 12th, 2019

@aliceko Thanks for sharing your impression! I missed the Princeton study sample but the UK study was 19000 households iirc.Β  That things here in the US are lacking comparatively, and especially for the low income/educated, did not surprise me. I have taught in public and private schools both in the...Show More

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