Mystery Show

Case #3 Belt Buckle

51:33 | Jun 5th, 2015

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A young boy finds an enchanting object in the street.


arlenewasadream recommended:Nov 20th

I thought this episode was:

πŸŒ… A beautiful story

hsfargis recommended:Apr 12th

Perfect podcast. I will never forgive Gimlet for only giving me one (perfect) season.

dannyApr 12th

@hsfargis same here! It really is special. There are a couple older episodes Starlee Kine did on this American Life if you're looking for a fix 😁

hsfargisApr 12th

@danny Oh good to know! Thank you!

rmmiller364Apr 14th

@hsfargis Yes, Gimlet has been completely ruined for me due to this podcast and also more recently canceling The Cut on Tuesday.

rmmiller364 recommended:Apr 14th

A very special podcast episode

mijustinApr 14th

Still one of my all-time faves!

write2tg recommended:May 19th

Serendipitous discoveries are the most delightful. Such a feel-good podcast about things we lose and find and how even though it is β€˜stuff’, it is the memories and experiences around those things that we long to relive. Back in 2015, I had my own serendipitous discovery: http://tarunagoel.blogspot.c...Show More

I thought this episode was:

πŸŒ… A beautiful story


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