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In-depth stories about the science of life. Each week, we tell a story about ideas, trends and people, and how science and medicine affect our lives, our health and our society. More at Published by the Wellcome Trust.

24:01 | Aug 26th

When a gentle glow feels like a spotlight and everyday sounds hurt your ears, life can get anxious and painful. But, discovers Emma Young, there may be an upside to being highly sensitive. Written by Emma Young Read by Kirsten Irving Produced by Geof...Show More

28:00 | Aug 19th

Emerging sign languages could reveal how all language evolved – but keeping these fragile languages isolated for research may mean the people who rely on them lose out. Written by Michael Erard. Read by Michael Regnier. Produced by Graihagh Jackson. ...Show More
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31:16 | Aug 12th

While it’s healthy to have a variety of bacteria in our guts, there’s one place where a single dominant type is best: the vagina. Meet the researchers trying to make the world healthier, one vagina at a time. Written by Kendall Powell. Read by Kirste...Show More

25:36 | Aug 5th

The East African country’s campaign to end cervical cancer through the HPV vaccine has had to overcome cultural taboos and rumours about infertility – but it’s saving lives. Written by Sophie Cousins. Read and produced by Graihagh Jackson. iTunes itu...Show More

28:33 | Jul 29th

In the 1970s, radical scientists thought they could change the world – if they could change science first. As told to Alice Bell. Written by Alice Bell. Read by Nick Dent. Produced by Barry J Gibb. iTunes…id964928211...Show More
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