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Our National Conversation About Conversations A...


Co-discussants Anna Holmes, Baratunde Thurston, Raquel Cepeda and Tanner Colby host a lively multiracial conversation about the ways we can’t talk, don’t talk, would rather not talk, but intermittently, fitfully, embarrassingly do talk about culture,...Show More


58:38 | Jan 28th, 2017

We wrap up the show with Anna Holmes, Baratunde Thurston, and Tanner Colby reflecting on what they’ve learned through this experiment in multiracial dialogue, and the ways in which we can’t talk, don’...Show More

56:32 | Jan 21st, 2017

Anna Holmes, Raquel Cepeda, and Irin Carmon try to absorb the reality of Trump’s now official presidency, and discuss the Women’s March happening just hours from this podcast hitting your feed.
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42:58 | Jan 14th, 2017

Anna Holmes, Fazeelat Aslam, and Tanner Colby talk about the assertion that President Obama made in his farewell address that we’re better off in terms of race than we have been in the past 10, 20, 30...Show More

40:52 | Jan 13th, 2017

Anna Holmes, Tanner Colby, and Fazeelat Aslam discuss listener feedback to episode #1701: “Will You Be My Black Friend?”

1:01:42 | Jan 7th, 2017

Anna Holmes, Aisha Harris, Tanner Colby, and Gene Demby discuss what it’s like to be asked for advice on being better allies, and where to draw the line on when and where people of color should feel l...Show More
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