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EdSurge On Air

A weekly podcast, with insightful conversations about edtech and the future of learning, hosted by EdSurge's Jenny Abamu and Jeffrey R. Young. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an educator, or an investor, there’s something for everyone on the air.

25:36 | Feb 18th

In many classrooms these days, student discussion can grow so heated that passion threatens to overwhelm productive conversation. And in today’s highly polarized atmosphere, when a comment taken out o...Show More

26:38 | Feb 11th

Today we’re diving into this issue of screen time, with a guest who for years has tracked research about the impact of screen media on children and young people. She’s Lisa Guernsey, director of the ...Show More
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29:37 | Feb 4th

There’s a budding field called the science of teaching and learning, where scholars are figuring out what works when it comes to educating students. But there’s a challenge -- of getting those finding...Show More

18:19 | Jan 28th

Not so long ago, students did most of their learning at school, and maybe while doing homework or during trips to the museum. Now, learning—like the internet—is everywhere thanks to the ubiquity of sm...Show More

25:39 | Jan 21st

In an usual study on student debt, NYU anthropologist Caitlin Zaloom sat down with more than 160 people—students and parents—and got them to open up their financial books and talk about the toll of pa...Show More
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