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An NBA roundtable featuring FiveThirtyEight's sharpest NBA minds, discussing the league's trends from an analytics angle.
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56:50 | Dec 24th, 2019

Hot Takedown unpacks the evolution of statistics in the NBA.

14:25 | Dec 19th, 2019

An interview from the ESPN Daily podcast that featured FiveThirtyEight's Josh Hermsmeyer. Josh recently wrote about the resurgence of fullbacks in the NFL.
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1:00:43 | Dec 17th, 2019

Hot Takedown develops a rubric for assessing cheating scandals. Plus, a Rabbit Hole on the impact of hockey superstars.

52:42 | Dec 10th, 2019

Did WADA's ban on Russia (but not its athletes) from global competition go far enough? A non-controversial College Football Playoff and the secret of the NFC West.

48:21 | Dec 3rd, 2019

A deep dive into MLB free agency and how the Patriots shape the narrative of the NFL. Plus, a Rabbit Hole on the late Brad Gobright and the evolution of rock climbing.
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