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The Politics Guys

Tired of liberals and conservatives screaming partisan talking points? We were, and so we created The Politics Guys as a sane and civil alternative. Each week, a liberal and a conservative talk *to*, not at each other, in an attempt to better underst...Show More

1:05:58 | Oct 5th

Mike & Kristin on the Ukraine affair, Trump using his office for personal political gain, Hunter & Joe Biden, the impeachment inquiry, and the state of the 2020 Democratic presidential race.

1:09:21 | Oct 2nd

Mike talks with Yale professor Bruce Ackerman about his book, 'Revolutionary Constitutions: Charismatic Leadership and the Rule of Law'.
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58:05 | Sep 28th

Trey and Ken are joined this week, in a Politics Guys first, by Mike! The three begin the episode discussing President Donald Trump’s potential pressure on the Ukraine and the fallout of impeachment. Trey and Ken then discuss legislation to make it l...Show More

53:36 | Sep 25th

Mike & Jay's live show at the Federal Bar Association Conference - judicial filibusters, the demise of 'Blue Slips' in the Senate, President Trump's historic rate of judicial confirmations, Mike's Big Ideas for changing the Supreme Court, and highlig...Show More

50:47 | Sep 21st

Will and Brian discuss the attacks on Saudi Arabia and the potential impact, Trump's appointment of O'Brien as National Security Advisor, the latest Kavanaugh allegations, and the Nadler-Lewandowski hearing drama.
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