The WW2 Podcast

WWII History : Angus Wallace

A military history podcast that looks at all aspects of WWII. With WW2 slipping from living memory I aim to look at different historical aspects of the Second World War.

44:11 | Oct 1st

On May 16th 1943, 19 Lancaster bombers of 617 Squadron took off from England heading toward the German industrial heartland of the Ruhr. They carried a new bomb, codenamed ‘upkeep’, we know it today as the ‘bouncing bomb’ designed by Barnes Wallis. ...Show More

41:27 | Sep 15th

On the 17th September 1944 Gene Metcalfe, of the 82 Airbourne, parachuted in to Holland as part of Operation Market Garden. Approaching the bridge they were to capture Gene is injured in a firefight and left for dead. He would spend the rest of the w...Show More
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49:13 | Sep 10th

George Mergenthaler, heir to the Mergenhaler Linotype Company. In 1944 he was a translator attached to a recon unit in the Ardennes when the Germans launched their offensive. I'm joined by Peter Lion, author of MERG.

59:29 | Sep 1st

2019 is the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden, the allied attempt to create a sixty mile corridor, and secure a crossing over the Rhine. The plan was to use the newly formed First Allied Airborne Army to seize and hold nine key bridges unti...Show More

39:18 | Aug 15th

In this episode Ray Fitchett recounts his time on HMS Exeter, and it’s sinking at the second battle of the Java Sea, he was rescued by the Japanese and sent to a POW camp. Ray would eventually sent to work in Japan at the fukuoka camp near Nagasaki, ...Show More
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