The Path to Performance

Tim Kadlec & Katie Kovalcin

The Path to Performance is a podcast dedicated to fostering a culture around web performance in organizations. We talk to guests who have successfully integrated performance as part of their culture and the benefits they have seen. Hosts Katie and Ti...Show More

52:04 | Sep 29th, 2016

On today’s episode we sit down with Marcy Sutton—a senior front end engineer at Deque Systems, where she works on accessibility. We talk about the intersection and differentiations in performance and...Show More

38:26 | Aug 23rd, 2016

Our guests this week are Steve Souders and Mark Zeman, of SpeedCurve. In this episode, we talk about the importance of focusing on the user experience when improving performance, how design and develo...Show More
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49:29 | Nov 23rd, 2015

Our guest this week is Tammy Everts. Tammy is a Senior Researcher and Evangelist at SOASTA. In this episode, we discuss getting started with performance budgets, why you should focus on article and pr...Show More

1:02:01 | Oct 8th, 2015

Why are Apple's product pages so heavy? When is the right time to choose aesthetic wins over performance wins? We explore these questions in today's preshow. We're also joined this week by web animati...Show More

55:25 | Aug 17th, 2015

This week, we have a brief discussion about how third party ad networks affect performance on news sites before talking with Sophie Shepherd. Sophie is a Senior Designer at Ushahidi, a non-profit soft...Show More
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