Sorta Awesome

Meg Tietz | Wondery

In the drudgery of daily life, it’s easy to forget that all around us (and within us!), awesome things are happening. Each week, author and show host Megan Tietz and co-hosts Kelly, Rebekah, and Laura serve up fresh doses of sparkly small things and ...Show More


1:03:41 | Mar 13th

Okay friends, raise your hand if you know what a TikTok is. Do you know why anyone would want to TikTok? Do you know why Meg and Rebekah are suddenly obsessed with it? This week’s episode is a fun dee...Show More

43:30 | Mar 6th

Quick show of hands, Awesomes - have you ever been a victim of overthinking? One of the symptoms of overthinking is analysis paralysis which is very NOT awesome. But this week, Meg is bringing back a ...Show More
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1:11:07 | Feb 28th

Awesomes, as we all know, sometimes you just need the comfort of good, familiar food. At Sorta Awesome, we've had one of those weeks that derailed all of our plans and left us craving a simpler time! ...Show More

1:01:34 | Feb 21st

Needing something to take your mind off of the winter blues? This week, Meg is joined by her sister Emily and they have another volume of Something Bad Happened! The next installment in this not-too-s...Show More

1:03:45 | Feb 14th

Well Awesomes, it’s been a long, yucky season of sickness for Meg and Rebekah this year. But one awesome thing to come out of all the coughing, sniffling, and even a hospital stay is that they both ha...Show More
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