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A new show from Panoply about the human feeding frenzy that is Washington during a presidential campaign cycle, with Alex Wagner, host of MSNBC's "Now with Alex Wagner," Mark Leibovich, New York Times Magazine's national correspondent and author of "...Show More

24:54 | Jan 12th, 2016

Mark Leibovich, Annie Lowrey, and Alex Wagner talk about the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. Who will moderate Republicans back if the race becomes a Trump vs. Cruz contest? And could Bernie Sanders...Show More

22:43 | Dec 22nd, 2015

Mark Leibovich, Annie Lowrey, and The Gist’s Mike Pesca discuss the most recent Democratic debate, remember Lindsey Graham’s presidential run, and talk about how Ted Cruz is cozying up to Donald Trump...Show More
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27:48 | Dec 15th, 2015

Mark Leibovich, Annie Lowrey, and Alex Wagner try to interpret Ted Cruz’ appeal to GOP primary voters in Iowa, while Donald Trump’s doctor has issued the candidate a flawless bill of health. We also e...Show More

32:20 | Dec 8th, 2015

Mark Leibovich, Annie Lowrey, Alex Wagner and The Washington Post’s David Weigel discuss Donald Trump’s xenophobia and how other GOP candidates are, or could respond. Also, they talk about how Preside...Show More

36:39 | Dec 1st, 2015

New York magazine’s Rebecca Traister joins hosts Mark Leibovich, Annie Lowrey, and Alex Wagner to talk about GOP silence on the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado. Also: can Trump top himself yet...Show More
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