Flash Forward

Enter The Alternate Timeline (SEASON FINALE!)

1:01:18 | Jan 5th

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Today’s episode is the LAST OF THE SEASON! And we're getting weird. What if there wasn't just this one timeline, this one universe, but tons and tons of and tons of universes all around us all the tim...Show More


graciew1125 recommended:Jan 8th

I thought this episode was:

😊 Delightful

mm recommended:Jan 8th

I've been obsessed with anything quantum lately so this episode about quantum mechanics and how potentially supports the theory that there are multiple universes was very exciting. Love that this pod isn't just about the science, but also what it means socially. + it's very accessible!

I thought this episode was:

💬 A great conversation
💡 Educational
🧐 Intriguing
🤔 Thought-provoking
🤪 Weird
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