The Dalrymple Report

Jim Dalrymple

Jim Dalrymple and Merlin Mann talk about, you know, life and stuff.

58:55 | Jan 10th

I don't think Dave and I have ever talked about the legendary singer Ronnie James Dio on the show before, but we fix that this week. We also discuss the various ways to adjust volume levels on iOS and...Show More

1:00:09 | Dec 22nd, 2019

Dave and I talk about some of the best gadgets over the last decade, Samsung's inflated numbers, and the scourge the earth—porch pirates. Brought to you by: Linode: Instantly deploy and manage an SSD ...Show More
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55:16 | Dec 13th, 2019

Dave and I talk about the release of the Mac Pro this week and my annoyance with some complaining over the price. We also discuss Apple Maps and how it could learn from the way we use it. Brought to y...Show More

47:25 | Dec 6th, 2019

Thanksgiving is over and Dave and I are back at it. From Billie Eilish to MacBook Pros shutting down, we talk about a variety of topics and have our usual amount of fun doing it.

54:42 | Nov 22nd, 2019

Dave and I kicked off this week talking about cooking, but moved into how people are using GarageBand on iOS and Mac. We also discussed autocorrect on iOS and whether or not the AirPods Pro leave any ...Show More
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