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1:03:16 | Mar 22nd

Week one of self isolation and we're running through our apartments being chased by superstar and actual cannibal Shia LeBeouf! He's brandishing a knife and his emotions while revisiting his childhoo...Show More

1:06:25 | Mar 15th

What's up moooooooo-vie lovers! We're back with Kelly Reichardt's bovine tale of early stage American capitalism "First Cow" We milk this discussion of friendship, baking and cattle for all it's wort...Show More
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1:05:16 | Mar 8th

To be completely transparent, it's clear that Leigh Whannel's "The Invisible Man" is the best of Universal's Dark Universe (and that's not saying much!) But can Blumhouse Productions gaslight us into...Show More

1:05:12 | Mar 1st

Lets take a detour down a side street in Tokyo and get knocked out by the incredibly prolific Takashi Miike and his new film "First Love" If they can keep up with this complicated story involving ga...Show More

1:29:28 | Feb 23rd

Step away from the matches and put a smile on your face as we reunite with the wonderful Izzy from BKRewind ( discuss Celine Sciamma’s Portra...Show More
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