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Peter Witham


Developer, Designer, Dreamer

Episode Recommendations (30)

pwitham recommended:May 31st

I started this because Sarah followed me and caught my attention with a subject I am interested in. Now I will be working through the back catalog episodes.

I thought this episode was...

πŸ’ͺ Inspirational
πŸ’› Honest
✍️ Well-written

Introduction to Frugalpreneur

by Frugalpreneur

pwitham recommended:May 12th

Another fascinating episode this time talking about the graffiti scene from an artists perspective. It was interesting to think of gangs of artists going around the underground.


by Nocturne

pwitham recommended:Apr 9th

Fascinating story of the lengths people will go to for what they believe in.

Chapter 1: The Railway Station

by Jungle Prince