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Peter Witham


Developer, Designer, Dreamer

Episode Recommendations (22)

pwitham recommended:Feb 22nd

This episode poses an interesting and scary question. What if you couldn’t do that creative thing you enjoy anymore for some unavoidable reason? Maybe we all need to stop and think about this, face the big question of loosing that outlet and find our own answer.

HT0354 - Leaning Toward Minimalism

LensWork - Photography and the Creative Process

pwitham recommended:Feb 12th

If the discoveries in this episode do not scare you then I don't know what will. It's one thing to assume this kind of technology is possible, it's another to have it confirmed.

The End of Privacy as We Know It?

The Daily

pwitham recommended:Feb 9th

I appreciate the explanation of what ML is and how to use it in this episode, I think people often think AI and ML are the same things so it was nice to have the differences pointed out early on.

Machine Learning with Kevin Scott

Empower Apps