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Rachel Miller Coveney


Hello all! I’m interested in a wide variety of podcasts: history, politics, storytelling, feminist topics, design, advice, true crime (although I’m picky about that genre). I seem to gravitate towards stories about con artists and cults a lot?

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rmmiller364 recommended:Feb 27th

I’m probably biased, but this episode does a really important service by diving into the school voucher program in Louisiana. Advocates for private schools have managed to convince parents that private schools are always better, but there’s not much evidence that that’s actually true.

The Cost of School Choice


rmmiller364 recommended:Feb 26th

This amazing mini-series continues with an episode that is an excellent illustration of how impossible it is to investigate whether or not people participated in terrorist groups overseas. When talking about how Latif worked on Osama bin Laden’a farm in Sudan, with every new piece of information abo...Show More

The Other Latif: Episode 3


rmmiller364 recommended:Feb 26th

This is such an intense episode. Before listening to this podcast, I had mistakenly assumed that you could only get child pornography on the dark web; I had no idea that it was available on mainstream websites and apps. Horrifying

A Criminal Underworld of Child Abuse, Part 1

The Daily

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