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Rachel Miller Coveney


Hello all! I’m interested in a wide variety of podcasts: history, politics, storytelling, feminist topics, design, advice, true crime (although I’m picky about that genre). I seem to gravitate towards stories about con artists and cults a lot?

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rmmiller364 recommended:Aug 3rd

It was great to hear more of the background behind the creation of Ear Hustle!

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😲 Fascinating
💪 Inspirational

How Earlonne Woods Podcasted His Way to Freedom

by Without Fail

rmmiller364 recommended:Aug 2nd

Why wasn’t Edwina Mountbatten included in the Crown?! She’s far more interesting than her husband... one of her lovers was Nehru!! There are lots of other fascinating things this historian has uncovered, particularly Dickie Mountbatten’s alleged bisexuality (and how many of his partners seem to have...Show More

I thought this episode was:

🤯 Unbeliveable

The Mountbattens: success and scandal

by History Extra podcast

rmmiller364 recommended:Aug 2nd

Really fascinating! I have read/listened to other things that have also discussed the role of conspiracy theories in the American Revolution, but this was a really well-produced summary. It’s also a bit scary because I feel like we currently live in a similar age of conspiracy theories. However, the...Show More

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💡 Educational
👍 Well-produced


by Throughline

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