Samantha Hodder


Producer and writer of podcasts. Drawn to long form narrative styles. Host of This is Our Time podcast.

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saam recommended:Nov 7th, 2019

All I can say is this episode was like a door that opened. Love this podcast. Always go back to it.

Back When I Was Older


saam recommended:Nov 7th, 2019

Ok, here’s the thing. If you haven’t started to listen to this yet, get out from under your neon moss hole and start! And this episode goes to another level. Enjoy

Neon Moss

Dolly Parton's America

saam recommended:Sep 13th, 2019

This whole podcast celebrates long form storytelling, no duh. It’s the kind of pod that I come and go from. But this episode was sort of personal. Paul Tough has done and written a lot. But still one of my most influential things was A project I read religiously at the turn of t...Show More

Episode 359: Paul Tough


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