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The Ricciardi Group


We’re a woman-owned B2B creative marketing & strategy firm dedicated to moving brands forward in a complex business environment. Recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies.

Episode Recommendations (7)

thericciardigroup recommended:Aug 20th, 2019

Great podcast to listen to if you're driving with kids.

Wow in the World + The Story Pirates in Do You SEE What I HEAR?

by Wow in the World

thericciardigroup recommended:Aug 20th, 2019

Design Matters was one of the world's very first podcasts, and the first ever podcast about design. Debbie Millman always interviews a stream of interesting and insightful guests. This episode features fellow New York-based female entrepeneur, Christina Tosi of Milk Bar fame.

From the Archive: Christina Tosi

by Design Matters with Debbie Millman

thericciardigroup recommended:Aug 20th, 2019

Great podcast series. Inspiring interview with New York-based female entrepeneur Jenn Hyman (also a mother).

Rent The Runway: Jenn Hyman

by How I Built This with Guy Raz