I ❤️ listening to podcasts that teach me something new on leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing insights and female empowerment. My top ones are: Girlboss Radio, Second life, How I Built This and Masters of Scale 🎧

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yesitsamerica recommended:Mar 3rd

Indie book stores, how to own your heritage and do whatever you want with other people’s expectations. The guest is probably the nicest, happiest, cutest guest I’ve ever heard in an episode 🌹 Honest conversation

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💬 A great conversation
💛 Honest

Part One: Reading Is a Revolutionary Act

by The Growth Show

yesitsamerica recommended:Feb 27th

For all marketers on this platform, I’m wondering if you all agree on his insights regarding SEO best practices 🧐 1. clear messaging 2. Use keywords in your URL not your brand 3. 40-50 keywords per landing page 4. h1 and h2 on your homepage should match your URL (if you’re using keywords, if n...Show More

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🧐 Intriguing

How To Do SEO with Bart Smith, CEO - Scout Puppy Local [tips and tricks you're not doing]

by Marketing Mindset: The Growth Hackers Guide to Business Success

yesitsamerica recommended:Feb 25th

🍪 When brands reach a level of cult following, their entire marketing team deserves recognition! At Joe’s, it’s an effort between hiring, training and customer service strategies. Learnings: 👍🏼 front like workers represent your brand, invest in them (when you’re in customer service or retail ,...Show More

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💬 A great conversation
💡 Educational

Beyond cookie butter: The secrets behind Trader Joe’s great customer experience

by Repeat Customer

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