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Guy who listens to too many podcasts. All around Star Wars nerd. Player of Drix in the Ghosts on a Train Podcast

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double0stefen recommended:Apr 21st

This episode is a riot. The players have been tricked into thinking they're playing a light romantic comedy and realize only too late that this might be a horror movie.

Ep 46: Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter (Part 1)

by The Film Reroll

double0stefen recommended:Apr 21st

This was really cool. Getting hear the creator of the show talk about the process of working on the show as well as the real life inspiration for a lot of it was rad

103: My Best Friend's Mistake w/ Bill Lawrence

by Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald

double0stefen recommended:Apr 21st

I got emotional throughout the episode of both the show and the podcast. This is an excellent deep dive into the first part of what may be the best thing to come out of Star Wars ever.

The Clone Wars: Siege of Mandalore Part I

by Skytalkers

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