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kerningcultures recommended:Aug 24th

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Lebanon, USA 2.0

by Kerning Cultures | Middle East

kerningcultures recommended:Aug 2nd

In the 1960s, a college professor and his students were determined to build & attempt to launch rockets into space. This story is about the first-ever rocket launched from the Arab world into space. โ 

Rocket Man

by Kerning Cultures | Middle East

kerningcultures recommended:Jul 25th

For centuries in Egypt, Zar was a music and dance ritual believed to heal women from unwanted spirits that possessed their bodies. But as time went on and ideologies changed, the practice became controversial and deeply feared. And now, itโ€™s mostly gone. Join producer Zeina Dowidar on a journey of m...Show More

Trancing with the Zars

by Kerning Cultures | Middle East