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kerningcultures recommended:Mar 25th

The premiere episode of al empire season 2 is finally here! Featuring none other than the filmmaker and actress, Nadine Labaki. Nadine chats with us about how her love for film began, the years of preparation and work for her 2018 film Capernaum, and her journey to becoming the first Arab woman in h...Show More

Nadine Labaki: Filmmaker & Actress

Al Empire

kerningcultures recommended:Mar 5th

Hatoon Kadi talks about the video that accidentally went viral and made her famous. From being named as BBC’s 100 Women in 2014 to dealing with trolls, this is the journey of Saudi’s first female comedian.

Hatoon Kadi: Comedian

Al Empire

kerningcultures recommended:Feb 29th

On Oct 17, 2019, people in Lebanon hit the streets to call for a new government. The revolution spares no political party that has been a part of the sectarian-based gov't. Hear how the revolution is changing people's relationship with their country.

All of Them Means All of Them

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