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mleecobb recommended:Jan 14th

An especially important listen during the time of unrest that stems from much of what is happening on social media.

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Listening as an Antidote to a Zero-Sum Outlook with Dr. Filippo Trevisan

by Stories of Impact

mleecobb recommended:Jan 3rd

Life is different in the digital era - for better or worse may depend on your perspective. Get some insights into how you might effectively approach today’s world and the choices we must make in it.

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💡 Educational
🤔 Thought-provoking

Citizenship in a Networked Age with Vint Cerf, Nuala O’Connor, & Michael Wear

by Stories of Impact

mleecobb recommended:Dec 19th, 2020

It seems like the cult of personality trumps all (yes that is a deliberate pun) when it comes to many situations. I’m just amazed at how long someone can play this game. This limited series podcast is filled with REALLY moments as it unfolds the tale of people throwing money at the next big thing de...Show More

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👍 Well-produced


by The Dropout

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