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monamok recommended:Oct 30th, 2020

As a parent who has read this book to their kiddos, it was so interesting to hear the social context of this book and people who you wouldn’t imagine excluding it from libraries. Super recommended!

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415- Goodnight Nobody

by 99% Invisible

monamok recommended:Nov 30th, 2019

Hey Mimi. Loved getting to know you even more on this podcast. Thank you for being so open and sharing so fully. I was wondering if you have suggestions for someone/me who is unsure of how much to share with my very science-based partner. I want to be transparent but when I share what I’m learning, ...Show More


by ThinkSpace Podcast

monamok recommended:Aug 2nd, 2019

This season and specially this episode made me fall in love with listening to podcasts! The storytelling is so well edited for full dramatic and comedic effect.

Gimlet 5: How To Name Your Company

by StartUp Podcast

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