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onellamegan recommended:Jul 30th

This is a great exploration of transit systems and just how critical they are to making liveable cities. I especially found their discussions of fare systems interesting, because it really made me rethink my dislike of the presto card system in Toronto

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💡 Educational
🤔 Thought-provoking

388- Missing the Bus

by 99% Invisible

onellamegan recommended:Jul 30th

A really humanizing take on someone whose life has been sensationalized into a ghost story

162- Mystery House

by 99% Invisible

onellamegan recommended:Nov 5th, 2019

The way this episode explains the state of medicine at the time homeopathy was being developed actually explains a lot about how it was able to gain traction! Really interesting stuff.

Part One: The Bastard Who Invented Homeopathy

by Behind the Bastards

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