Retail Nightmares

Alicia Tobin & Jessica Delisle

Hilarious podcast.

1:06:40 | Feb 17th

Prominent Vancouver space man Michael John Unger returns to delight the co-ghosts with tales of jock jams, Golden Girls and kissing the judge.

1:01:20 | Feb 10th

Hilarious comedian Marta Wesselhoff returns to discuss scammers, Chicago accents and ferrets!
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1:06:11 | Feb 3rd

Very funny comedian and podcaster Allie Entwistle joins the co-ghosts to discuss nutella, alternative schools and fake teeth.

1:10:54 | Jan 27th

Wonderful and fascinating guest MJ Cox returns to discuss ramps, Nicolas Cage and old food.

1:03:41 | Jan 20th

Hilarious and wonderful actor, comedian and model Tegan Verheul returns to discuss dot holes, IOUs, and being a Disneyland goth.
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