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ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

58:15 | Nov 30th, 2017

Are we a media company or a technology company? Facebook and the New York Times are both asking themselves this question. Facebook originally intended to focus only on building technology–to be a neutral arbiter of information. This has turned out to...Show More

57:24 | Jul 19th

In 2011, Facebook had begun to focus its efforts on mobile development. Mobile phones did not have access to reliable, high bandwidth connections, and the Facebook engineering team needed to find a solution to improve the request latency between mobi...Show More
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59:21 | Jul 15th

Facebook was built using PHP, a programming language that was used widely in the late 90s and early 2000s. PHP allows developers to get web applications built quickly and easily, although PHP has a reputation for being difficult to scale.  In the ear...Show More

58:19 | Jun 21st

Niantic is the company behind Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game where users walk around in the real world and catch Pokemon which appear on their screen. The idea for augmented reality has existed for a long time. But the technology to bring augm...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

53:18 | Dec 1st, 2017

Most user interfaces that we interact with are not animated. We click on a button, and a form blinks into view. We click a link and the page abruptly changes. On the other hand, when we interact with an application that has animations, we can feel th...Show More
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