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58:15 | Nov 30th, 2017

Are we a media company or a technology company? Facebook and the New York Times are both asking themselves this question. Facebook originally intended to focus only on building technology–to be a neut...Show More

1:12:44 | Jan 22nd

If the Internet was reimagined with the software and hardware infrastructure we have today, what would it look like? That is the question that DFINITY is working on answering. DFINITY’s goal is to bui...Show More
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Interesting concept, looking forward to seeing what they release later this year

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47:37 | Nov 8th, 2019

Drones will deliver food to us. Drones will be able to extinguish fires. Drones will be used to relay Internet signals and make the world more connected.  These all sound like great ideas, so why aren...Show More
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This may be a Drone episode, but really it's a great on-the-ground observation about competing with Chinese manufacturers. "It's competing ...Show More

57:24 | Jul 19th, 2019

In 2011, Facebook had begun to focus its efforts on mobile development. Mobile phones did not have access to reliable, high bandwidth connections, and the Facebook engineering team needed to find a so...Show More
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59:21 | Jul 15th, 2019

Facebook was built using PHP, a programming language that was used widely in the late 90s and early 2000s. PHP allows developers to get web applications built quickly and easily, although PHP has a re...Show More
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Facebook implementation of PHP is heroic/crazy. From transpiling into C++, then running on the V8 JavaScript VM. I like the part where there...Show More

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