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mm recommended:Sep 18th

texting in lowercase is aesthetic k ?

I thought this episode was:

💬 A great conversation
💡 Educational

Why do you text like that?

by Why'd You Push That Button?

mm recommended:Sep 18th

A white woman cancels herself after her "race reveal". I'm crying.

I thought this episode was:

🥜 Nuts
😂 Funny
🤯 Unbeliveable
🤪 Weird

Last Week's Top Stories - Gender Reveal Party Ignites a Wildfire & Fox News Comes to Trump's Defense

by The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Ears Edition

mm recommended:Sep 17th

Yumiko's best friend disappears and no one knows why. Carly thinks it's because she's playing an underground game called "Rabbits" where you'll get killed if you speak of it. Horror audio drama! Reminds me a bit of Passenger List and Limetown.

I thought this episode was:

🔪 Chilling
🌚 Creepy
😱 Horrifying

Episode 101: Game On


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