I listen to a lot of podcasts. Co-founder of this app. Vancouver Podcast Brunch Club lead. Will binge on white collar true crime, investigative journalism & musical podcasts. Also tech, business, journalism & democracy podcasts. ❤️ audio dramas lately.

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mm recommended:Apr 5th

Beautiful episode about the repatriation of bodies when someone dies in a country that is not their home. This episode specific looks at stories of Indian families with loved ones who die in Dubai, but need to find a way to bring the body back to the final resting place in India. Bless the volunte...Show More

In Case of Death

Kerning Cultures | Middle East

mm recommended:Apr 3rd

Beyoncé was FIERCE since she was 4 years old. But there were so many times in her career where she wouldn’t have become the 👑🐝 she is right now. There were so so so many times in her journey when she and her team could’ve easily given up when they were kids and even when she was famous with Destin...Show More

Beyonce 1: Girls Tyme

Making Beyoncé

mm recommended:Apr 3rd

At one point during Travis K’s tenure as head of Uber, there was allegedly a private investigator following whistler-blower Susan Fowler around 👀 Outside of sexual harassment, there’s definitely psychological abuse that was going on...what a culture.

'One Very, Very Strange Year': A Conversation With Uber Whistleblower Susan Fowler


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