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40% of the world's population has disappeared. The people of the Tri-Counties have now been cut off and must rely on the only remaining radio news station as their goofy, ridiculous, offensive source for news about politics, sex, religion, the Grey ...Show More

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The MGE Killed Julie!

02:45 | May 10th, 2018

Who Killed Julie? is coming! Check out the website for more information at Pick up "Chasing the Demon," my new novel, and help me fund future seasons. Pre-order today at More

The Final Episode - Imagine

42:48 | Apr 15th, 2018

The final episode of Atheist Apocalypse. What happens to the news crew we've come to love? Do they escape the Tri-Counties or does the MGE crush everyone? Does the next Rapture take Jake? Everyone? No one? Does Jake continue his personal growth befor...Show More

4-11 Last Call for Dystopia

26:51 | Apr 1st, 2018

Max & Andy (?) continue experimenting with the Barrier Buster, A.S.S is nearly obliterated, the MGE is crumbling, Bennie Baker invades the studio, and we say goodbye to a couple friends in this 2nd-to-last story of the Tri-Counties. We're down to the...Show More

4-10 Urban Planting

27:36 | Mar 18th, 2018

Jake induces panic because he's convinced the government is going to make him do something he doesn't want. And the community is giving signs it might actually be healing. Seriously. Max and Andy (?) might have actually just saved the Tri-Counties. W...Show More

4-9 The New World Order

27:12 | Mar 4th, 2018

Finally, god, how long did that take -- citizens start questioning their governments thanks, in no small part, to ridiculous policies. We get the death-toll from last episode's invasion by Dr. Derrick, the Prophet. And a wall gets built ... maybe. On...Show More

4-8 Shooting Microaggression Blanks

27:31 | Feb 18th, 2018

Dear Patrons, One government learns a valuable lesson in reality. Sarah gets paid! Some people get disgusting about people they don't like ..... oh, and there's a whole bunch of violence and death at the news station ... yes, we killed more character...Show More

4-7 Privileged

26:42 | Feb 4th, 2018

The MGE shows the world what true "diversity" looks like and .... sigh ... the A.S.S. residents are up in arms, protesting, ... again. Only 6 episodes to go until it's all over. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter if you want to follow news abou...Show More

4-6 Equality for Equality’s Sake

33:00 | Jan 21st, 2018

Starbucks creates a controversy about inequality equality & we find out the fate of Rick Beckley. Only 6 episodes to go until it's all over. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter if you want to follow news about the release of the book based on th...Show More

4-5 Ethnomedicine

29:14 | Jan 7th, 2018

Tragedy strikes the A.S.S. community as a controversy surrounds the use of ethnomedicine. Only 7 episodes to go until it's all over. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter if you want to follow news about the release of the book based on the Tri-Co...Show More

4-4 The Great Algorithm

28:42 | Dec 10th, 2017

The MGE and A.S.S. try to out-govern each other ... and people pay ... people always pay. And, in a moment of salvation, the MGE writes an algorithm that constructs new friendships, so you don't have to hang out with those a-holes you currently spend...Show More

4-3 Empathy Day

30:57 | Nov 26th, 2017

There's serious fallout over the A.S.S. signflipper controversy. Spencer challenges the MGE. And there's an A.S.S. disaster during their "empathy day" at the local zoo. Only 9 more episodes to go until it's all over. Make sure you sign up for the new...Show More

SPECIAL Diary of a Madman Season 2 Trailer

02:12 | Nov 26th, 2017

Beyond the Tri-Counties, Paul Sating is creating other stories. Here is the newest Trailer for Diary of a Madman's upcoming 2nd season. If you enjoy this show & his other creations, you can find more, exclusive, content on Paul's Patreon Page.

SPECIAL Subject: Found Season 2 Teaser

01:57 | Nov 21st, 2017

Beyond the Tri-Counties, Paul Sating is creating other stories. Here is the newest teaser for Subject: Found's upcoming 2nd season. If you enjoy this show & his other creations, you can find more, exclusive, content on Paul's Patreon Page.

4-2 Op-Ed Gang Warfare

31:39 | Nov 12th, 2017

The MGE outlaws op-ed articles & A.S.S. allows invasive 'marketing tactics'. Only 10 more episodes to go until it's all over. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter if you want to follow news about the release of the book based on the Tri-Counties,...Show More

4-1 - No Whining Wednesday

34:43 | Oct 29th, 2017

The beginning of the end. Join us as the MGE institutes a "no whining" policy and we discover what has been happening to all of our favorite characters since we last heard from them. Only 11 more episodes to go until it's all over. Make sure you sign...Show More

Now … Atheist Apocalypse Will Make You Say Goodbye

03:10 | Oct 17th, 2017

After three years of journeying through the Tri-Counties the time has now come to say goodbye. To all things there is a beginning, and so, all things must end. Don't wait until April 2018 to find out how it all ends ... go to More

Atheist Apocalypse Has Made You Think … We Hope

01:55 | Oct 10th, 2017

For 3 seasons we (hope) we've made you challenge the way you think (boy, do we hope). In season 4 we're going to ask you to think like never before. Are you up for it? Head over to and click on the 'Podcasts' tab to find out...Show More

Atheist Apocalypse Has Treated You to Violence

02:21 | Oct 3rd, 2017

For 3 seasons we've brought you a level of violence that no other audio drama comedy has. In season 4 we're going to bring it like it's never been brought-ed-ed. Go to and click on the 'Podcasts' tab to find out how you can ...Show More

Atheist Apocalypse Has Made You Love and Hope

01:53 | Sep 28th, 2017

For 3 seasons we've given you reasons to fall in love and have hope. In season 4 we will bring our 'A' game like no other auido drama. Go to and click on the 'Podcasts' tab to find out how you can buy the entire season the d...Show More

Atheist Apocalypse Has Made You Groan

01:52 | Sep 27th, 2017

We've told some really bad jokes over the past 3 seasons.   Season 4 will be no different.   But we'll change your world ... well, if you're smart enough to think.   Go to and look under the 'Podcasts' tab for information on...Show More

Atheist Apocalypse Has Made You Laugh

02:13 | Sep 26th, 2017

For three seasons we've entertained you with the most intelligent, daring, and funny satire in audio drama. Season 4 will be no different.   Coming soon!   Go over to and sign up for the newsletter, to find out more about ou...Show More

Season 4 Update

01:57 | Mar 21st, 2017

A quick update on our biggest season ever! Thank you for patiently waiting for us. You're going to love what's to come, we promise!   We hope you've had a wonderful winter and thank God it's spring! Ammi right or Ammi right?   Your Atheist Apocal...Show More

The Plant (Free Preview of the upcoming Atheist Apocalypse Book)

18:54 | Feb 1st, 2017

You are about to take a journey back in time, back to before the apocalypse, back to the Tri-Counties as it was before all the zanny, wackiness began under the MGE rule. In this special episode you're going to meet a mysterious long-time resident and...Show More

Ssn 3-10 - Seasons Splinters

42:20 | Dec 18th, 2016

The season finale of season finales! Families in the Tri-Counties start falling apart. A.S.S. splinters the Tri-Counties, partisan politics destroys families and more! Be sure to listen beyond Jake's monologue for a season tryst, er, TWIST, we tota...Show More

Ssn 3 - 9 - We Eat Our Young

40:05 | Dec 4th, 2016

The MGE launches a new Fabricated Families initiative to replace that whole in your life left by your lousy real family and they even have something for those Millennials to make them feel all special inside.   The episode so wrong Jake actually sa...Show More

Ssn 3 - 8 - Millennial Manifesto

43:48 | Nov 20th, 2016

Millennials are mad (again) as hell and they're not taking it anymore. Billionaires get another government subsidy, turkeys are sacrificed, Jake explains the Fem Fallacy and Tyler is still dead. All this and so, so much more. Check out the hiliarious...Show More

Ssn 3-7 - Uprising

48:32 | Nov 6th, 2016

A rebel group comes out of hiding after the hair controversy and the MGE goes all anti-intellectual. Sarah returns!!  But Tyler is still dead (sorry). And we learn we must trust Max ... trust Max ... trust Max. If you enjoy having this comedy ...Show More

Special - Subject: Found Episode 1

20:19 | Nov 6th, 2016

My newest audio drama is now live and doing quite well. Don't miss out! The wait is finally over! We kick off our inaugural season meeting Jared Strong, an investigator pursuing a monster from his childhood. In this first episode Jared meets friend ...Show More

Special - Subject: Found, Episode 2

27:00 | Nov 6th, 2016

A special episode for survivors of the apocalypse, the 2nd episode of my newest audio drama, Subject: Found. Season 1 is a paranormal investigation story. Enjoy! The investigation continues as Jared heads to Mt. Rainier to speak with a park ranger wh...Show More

Ssn 3 - 6 - You’ve Been Googled

44:10 | Oct 23rd, 2016

Our most controversial episode ever!  Don't believe me?  Oh yeah?   The news station talks about the gender reassignment controversy raging across the Tri-Counties, the MGE takes control of Google ... so how's that?  Convinced yet? ... oh yeah, and ...Show More

Subject: Found Teaser

03:49 | Oct 18th, 2016

The teaser for the first season of Subject Found, my newest audio drama show.   Credits: Written by: Paul Sating Produced by: Brian Bristol Narration: John McClain Our Links: Subject: Found Home: Subject: Found Libsyn...Show More

Ssn 3 - 5 - Poultry Politics

38:29 | Oct 9th, 2016

You want true equality?  You got it!  Just remember, you asked for this! Also, there's another political movement (yeah!) being popularized around the Tri-Counties in the most ... interesting of ways. Learn how to do evil better with Kakos Industri...Show More

Special - Atheist Apocalypse Gets Twisted

17:33 | Oct 4th, 2016

The network is growing and there is no one I'd rather share that with than you, those of you who support Atheist Apocalypse.   My newest audio drama launched a week and a half ago and wanted to make sure you get a chance to hear it.  Ever since it's...Show More

Ssn 3-4 - America’s Birth Certificate

46:20 | Sep 26th, 2016

America's original birth certificate has been found and you'll never believe what is has to say about our history! There's also a new 'man of science' who claims to have knowledge of how life on earth began. Max and Andy get strange. Rick Beckley ...Show More

Promo for our NEW podcast!

01:18 | Sep 21st, 2016

Survivors of the Apocalypse, Diary Of A Madman ( is a brand new show from the creator of this show ... just with a sadistic twist! If you enjoy horror, suspense, and psychological thrillers then give this new show a follow...Show More

Ssn 3-3-Marionnettes

41:18 | Sep 12th, 2016

What happens when the MGE wants you to join rebel groups? And is it possible for people to believe that dietary supplements will work after the apocalypse? Also, have you ever thought of supporting the artists who spend hundreds of hours per we...Show More

Ssn 3-2 - Hi-Ho, A LARPing We Will Go

41:03 | Aug 29th, 2016

The fact is, the Mysterious Government Entity doesn't trust you .... so they may or may not have launched a new surveillance program.  We cannot confirm nor deny that. And now that the summer games are over the Olympic Committee has done what decisi...Show More

Ssn 3-1 - Holy Sponsorships, Batman!

44:17 | Aug 15th, 2016

Welcome to season 3 of Atheist Apocalypse!  We ended last season discovering that the Vatican released information on future Rapture events, Artie took a long, long trip off a short plank, and Edwin probably killed someone in yet another instance of ...Show More

Special - Jorney’s Journey

56:44 | Aug 9th, 2016

Here is the long-awaited end of season special, written by Steven Bateman of "Why Haven't I Seen This" podcast and Pants Pending Studios.  Steven is the creator, writer and voice of our Entertainment Reporter, Edwin Bondshift.   Steven is a very tal...Show More

Cha Cha Cha Changes

02:35 | Jul 21st, 2016

Survivors of the Apocalypse!  Big changes are coming for season 3 and we wanted to give you just a little taste of what you can expect from the new and improved Atheist Apocalypse. Thanks to our Patrons we were able to buy new software and recording...Show More

Season 2 Special Feature — You Are Here

26:33 | Jul 8th, 2016

Survivors of the apocalypse, we hope you are having a wonderful summer.   Yes, we are, thank you! And, no, we're not ready to come back just yet.  BUT, we do want to check in, say hi, update you on some incredible things coming down the road, like ...Show More

Ssn 2 - 10 - Triangle Of The Trinity

48:03 | Jun 6th, 2016

The season finale for our 2nd season!  There is a chilling discovery about the Rapture and cosplay goes in an entirely different direction in this finale. We'd like to thank David Cummings of The No Sleep Podcast for providing his survivor statemen...Show More

Ssn 2 - 9 - The Little People Matter

45:39 | May 23rd, 2016

In this penultimate episode there is a significant archaeological discovery that might give us a clue into the history of the Rapture and conspiracy theorists have a field day with the latest transgressions by an overzealous government. We wrap up o...Show More

You Are Here Promo

06:02 | May 14th, 2016

This is a new show on the fatecrafters network. Find them at

Ssn 2 - 8 - When You Mess With The Man

37:49 | May 9th, 2016

In this tense episode, the MGE asserts itself all over the Tri-Counties and we get to hear every bit of it through Tyler's eyes.    And what would any episode be without some woo?  Don't fear, help is here!  Doctors may still be striking but there's ...Show More

Ssn 2 - 7 - Libertarian Heaven

40:33 | Apr 24th, 2016

What would YOU do if you woke up and there was no more government?   In this episode Tri-Counties residents get to explore that very reality and you get to witness the painful consequences of their choices. Without a government to process social pr...Show More

Ssn 2 - 6 - Out Of The Closet

36:17 | Apr 11th, 2016

Do you wish you had more dysfunction in your government?  Well, the MGE gives you that and so much more as politicians vie for your vote by trying to outdo each other in ridiculous ways, wreaking havoc for the Tri-Counties' most vulnerable people ......Show More

Ssn 2 - 5 - On Holiday

45:12 | Mar 28th, 2016

Tired of working?  Move to the Tri-Counties!  The MGE has just announced 75 new federal holidays ... which, sort of brings unique problems of their own. And medical professionals from around the world make the one-way trip into the Tri-Counties to...Show More

Ssn 2 - 4 - The Sweet Taste of Capitalism

32:35 | Mar 14th, 2016

Just as soon as the election season ramps up the MGE makes a major announcement about your rights to offend other people.  And it's long-been known that the Hendersen's are the most successful members of the KUSA 9 News at 9 staff, but a recent cont...Show More

Ssn 2 - 3 - Free Water

35:59 | Feb 28th, 2016

You better enjoy that constraint-free access to the Internet while you have it; we've heard the MGE has some plans in mind to change your "internet browsing habits." And a new school board President-for-Life brings free water to everyone in the Tr...Show More

Ssn 2 - 2 - Chicken Political Pot Pie

34:56 | Feb 15th, 2016

Exciting news galore in this episode!  First, and most satisfying, is that political adversaries around the Tri-Counties finally stop playing footsy with each other and things get real ... real nasty!  Seriously, is there anything more fun to observe...Show More

Ssn 2 - 1 - Positively enRaptured

50:00 | Feb 1st, 2016

If you're seeing this post you can now confirm that you were not one of The Chosen.  But do not despair, we're sure that the strange events of the Tri-Counties will give you hope about the future ..... or, if nothing else, will distract you from the ...Show More

Special - Jake’s Hiatus

17:16 | Jan 12th, 2016

We are still in our off-season but there have been interesting developments in our Anchorman Jake's personal life.  He didn't necessarily share them with us but Tyler was able to get his hands on some ....  let's just say 'recordings' ... Jake isn't ...Show More

Ssn 1 - 10 - The End?

43:37 | Dec 21st, 2015

The end has come.   What will be of the Tri-Counties? What will happen to your lovable characters like Artie, Sarah, Rick and Beatrice? Will Jake actually be a nice guy for the holidays? Will anyone hear from Old Jake? So many mysterious que...Show More

Ssn 1 - 9 - Debates

36:25 | Dec 7th, 2015

In the penultimate episode of our first season things become much murkier before they become clearer.  The MGE it is pretty sure what it thinks it is sure about and that pesky spider problem?  Yea, eradicated.........we think.  But we're not really...Show More

Ssn 1 - 8 - Fields Of Patchouli

44:01 | Nov 23rd, 2015

Now that we know aliens abducted everyone, where does the Tri-Counties go from here?  Max and Andy are pretty thrilled to be proven right after months of warning us about .... the grays. Imagine a world where everyone smelled like patchouli.  Ha! T...Show More

Ssn 1 - 7 - It’s Not A Conspiracy If It’s True

43:20 | Nov 9th, 2015

Finally!  A local "expert" finally shares with the residents the cause of the disappearances....and a riot ensues.  What will this mean for the residents of the Tri-Counties? The homeopathy industry takes a hit.  Can they rebound like the champs th...Show More

Ssn 1 - 6 - Southern Hot Box

46:53 | Oct 26th, 2015

POT IS LEGAL EVERYWHERE!!! That's right, even in a post-apocalyptic world, it's one of the most important issues the government can work on.  Unfortunately, the legalization of pot everywhere has caused massive problems in one specific area and tha...Show More

Special 1 - Brian Goes Crazy

01:16 | Oct 22nd, 2015

Survivors of the Apocalypse, our writer & voice talent, Brian Bristol, has officially lost his mind and we wanted to give you this special little treat during your in-between episodes downtime. If you're really bored you could fill your time by hea...Show More

Ssn 1 - 5 - What’s That Beeping Noise?

44:46 | Oct 12th, 2015

It all happened so quickly but we've reached the halfway point of season 1 and things are getting.....downright.....scary. In the Tri-Counties it won't be okay to protest any longer and something terrible happens to one of your favorite characters....Show More

Ssn 1 - 4 - Who Moved My Cheese?

40:32 | Sep 28th, 2015

A chaotic world needs structure and who better to provide structure than an unknown political candidate? And something has happened to our farmers.  Why are they being unfairly targeted?  How will we stock our buffets without them around? Did Dav...Show More

Ssn 1 - 3 The Day Netflix Died

41:22 | Sep 14th, 2015

People and canines alike are suffering in the post-apocalyptic world as each attempt to establish order, in their own way.  Raging dog gangs turn the community upside down. Faith healing; however, seems to be as strong as ever and Beatrice has an "of...Show More

Ssn 1 - 2 - The French Legion

36:34 | Aug 31st, 2015

The mysterious events in the Tri-Counties become clearer and the scale of the devastation is revealed, causing nations around the world to take drastic measures to protect themselves and their interests.....especially the French.......ohhhhh, those F...Show More

PILOT EPISODE: Ssn 1 - 1 - Dude, Where’s My Family?

32:46 | Aug 17th, 2015

This is our PILOT episode, where we introduce you to this new world we are sure you'll fall in love with in the episodes that follow. Welcome to the Tri-Counties, a mysterious land filled with eclectic people and mysterious events. Join us in thi...Show More

Atheist Apocalypse Promo

00:52 | Jul 24th, 2015

Early sneak peak at the "Atheist Apocalypse Podcast" promo.